So perhaps the score was a little bit inflated, that error in the first gave the Jays a couple of runs that they shouldn’t have scored, but none the less, it was still a blowout. All else being equal what a good outing from Tallet, going 5 and 2/3s with no runs, and five strikeouts in that windstorm, lowering his ERA to under 3.00 (2.95)

On the offensive side of the ball, only one homer coming form José Bautista, but I’ll take the other 20 hits they Jays got, including the triple from Wells. Unfortunately I was unable to watch the game, as I had to work so I cannot give you much more than a recap of the box score.

Tonight the Jays play the second game of the series against the White Sox, and look to extend their record to a league best 14-5, my prediction for April was 14-7, so I might not be too far off. Taking the mound tonight is Triple-A call up Brian Burres, however the forecast calls for rain, so there is a good chance that the game will be postponed, leaving Doc on the mound tomorrow.

I really think it will be interesting to see how the Jays fare against the rest of the AL East, but I’m glad they are taking this time to beat up on weak opponents right now.

If you are curious to see how Burrees did with Baltimore you can see his stats here.

Also on an NFL note, draft today, I wonder who will slip the most.


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