Jays So Far

Quick summary of the season thus far: The Jays came in losing 60% of their starting rotation, and are looking to get rookie players more plate appearnces. The result after 17 games? a 12 and 5 record, the best in the always competitive AL East. However, we have already lost two starting pitchers, closer B.J. Ryan, to the DL.

Looking forward the Jays start a weekend series in Chicago, while the Red Sox and Yankees play their first series of the year. It will be interesting to see how the Red Sox, and Yankees fair against each other, since the Jays have so many late games against these teams. Originally I expected the Jays to only win about 72 games this season, and while not convinced I’m willing to say that they’ll finish .500. If the Jays want to succeed this year, they will need to beat Tampa Bay, and Baltimore, as well as do well in interleague. For some reason the Jays always seem to have difficulty winning these “gimmie” games.

I also feel that a sweep would be nice, to get a bit of a streak going, because the Jays always seem to have a long losing skid midway through the season.


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