Four Words

What the fuck happened?

While Thursday night it was the Blue Jays who were laughing, Saturday was a completely different story, it was the Sox fans who got the last laugh. The differences were very small, and while Burres wasn’t bad (except his fifth innning), it was the red hot bats that let us down, scoring only two runs. As long as this isn’t the start of a slump though then whatever, I say that like we all know the Jays will slump, it’s just a question of when.

The Jays need to win today to take the series, their third on the road, and I’ve lost count of how many total. I find it interesting that although they are winning, they haven’t put together a streak, nor have they swept anyone yet. Thankfully we have the good Doc on the mound today, although he is 0-2 in three starts and one relief appearence against the White Sox in Chi-City

Also some food for thought, Burres  is quite litterally the Jays 11th starting pitcher in the rotation, thanks to all the injures this year.

And on an NFL note, I think that the Jet’s new QB, Mark Sanchez as a rooke initiation should have to grow a Brian Talletesq moustache to live up to his name “sanchez”


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