How the (Not So) Might Have Fallen

Well, it finally happened, the Red Sox retook possesion of top dog in the AL East, but you know what they have won 11 games in a row, how much longer can it happen, seriously?

Other than Purcey’s not so hot start, a couple of dingers that really boosted the lead, it was a lack of offense tonight that hurt the Jay’s. The only run scored was from the bat of Adam Lind, and is it just me or is he due for a long shot soon, actually now that I think about it Snider is too.

While it would be nice to credit Royal’s starter Brian Banister with an outstanding performance, 7.0 IP, 1 ER, he also only had one K, and six walks. When the Jays were given a gift as nice as six walks in 7 innings they did next to nothing to capitalize on it.

And if I remember correctly, there was a flyball that landed for a triple thanks to Vernon’s tendency to play shallow. I knew he had gotten lazy, but too fucking lazy to run to your spot in the outfield, that’s pathetic.

I think that this series could be bad news bears for the Jays as in these four games we don’t send Doc out once. My prediction is that we split the series 2-2, depending on how hot the bats are.

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