May Predictions

Let the record state that the Toronto Blue Jays will go 16-13 in the month of May. Not quite the rocky launch start of April, but good enough for an overall record of 31-22. I mean that They Jays will finish May 44-9.

Looking at the first three series the Jays start with Baltimore Orioles, including a start from the Good Doctor, which they have already won, and the increasingly reliable Scott Richmond (3.0, 2.70). The biggest question comes from rookie Robert Ray. Ray started in Class A Dunedin, then made two starts in Triple A Las Vegas. While he was 0-1 with a 2.25 ERA. Like all our call up pitchers stats, and (hopefully) Celine Dion’s career, what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas. Just because he did alright there, doesn’t mean he will do well in big leagues. The O’s start Brad Bergsen who has a 5.59 ERA. Hopefully even if Ray’s start isn’t ideal the Jays Bat’s will light up Bergson, and since Doc went 8.0 today, our bullpen is nice and rested. If Ray has a decent outing, the Jays should be able to sweep their first series of the season.
Prediction 3-0

The second series of May is a mini-series as the Cleveland Indians. The Jays send two lefties, Brian “Billy” Tallet (1-1, 6.45), and another call up Brett Cecil. The Tribe will counter with a pair of righties in the form of Fausto Carmona (1-3, 6.28), and Anthony Reyes (1.0, 7.38). Well Tallet’s last start was one to forget about, Cecil hopes to leave his stats back in Vegas. While once again our pitching could be iffy, so could the Indian’s offense. The Tribe has scored only 86 runs this season, as opposed to the 150 the Jays have put up.
Prediction 2-0

If you are counting this means that the Jays are off to a 5-0 start in May. On paper this makes sense, however the Jays have never been good at putting together streaks. Boston recently won 10 11 way too many in a row, and if the Jays are serious about a play-off spot they need to put together a couple of small rallies to put wins in the bank for latter.

After this five game home stand the Jays head west too LA-LA land to take on the Angels. A little far ahead to predict, but the Jays will likely start Roy Halladay, and the Angels only have record of 9-13. Based on this limited information I think that the Jays should be able to take at least two of the three. Both games (Edit: I didn’t think they would play back to back two game series)
Prediction 2-1 0

If you haven’t done the arithmetic, I think that they Jays will start May 7-1. At first glance this seems outrageous but then you realize they are playing Baltimore (9-14, bottom of the AL East), Cleveland (9-14, bottom of AL Central) and Los Angeles of Anaheim (9-13, second last in the AL West). If they Jays can’t bully these weak teams around they have no business thinking that they can make it too the playoffs.



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