Take Your Phone Off the Hook!

Take the phone off the hook for what you ask? Well because it’s the greatest sports weekend in recent memory. So bring the kids to grandma’s house, order all your food, shift your TiVos to high gear, and turn down those booty calls, because THIS weekend you’ll be in front of the TV.

Pacquiao Hatton

You need to see this fight. If you love boxing, or want to get into the sweet science, or simply like seeing guys go at it (not like that you dirty minded people), you have to order this fight. Two guys who respect each other, but also two fighters who don’t like going the distance. The smart money is on a Pacman knockout somewhere around the 9th round, but I know I’ll be cheering for the Mancunian (that is what you call someone from Manchester…duh). However you have to hand it to Pacquiao. The guy is already on a stamp in his native Philippines, and during his fights the crime rate goes to 0%. ZERO PERCENT!! An amazing accomplishment for what is essentially a 3rd world country. That’s not to say Hitman Hatton doesn’t have support in fact just the opposite. He probably has the best fans in all of boxing.

Celts vs. Bulls Game 7

Who knew this first round matchup would become one of the best playoff series of all time. Seven overtime periods, hundreds of lead changes, the two best young point guard of the game, coach KG, and of course my new favorite players Big Baby Davis, and Brian Scalabrine (who may in fact be my father) this series has it all. However I hate to kill the mood of all my fellow NBA enthusiasts, but I believe this game will be a Boston blowout. the Cs are too experienced, the bulls are too young, and it’s in Boston. All this is a formula for Celts win by more then 10 points. However this presents a problem as game 7 is going against the afore mentioned fight…. So this is a classic Picture in Picture situation.

Penguins vs. Capitals

Again, I’m not a hockey guy, but this is the best thing hockey could have possibly asked for. Sid the Kid vs. Ovie is exactly what the NHL needed to get people to watch. Including myself…but only because there will be nothing else on.

Heat vs. Hawks Game 7

I’m not going to lie. This series has been horrible. It’s been possibly the least entertaining seven game series in sports history. Every game has been a blowout for whichever team decided to show up. However maybe game 7 will be different. The only question is will it be if D. Wade wills the heat to victory, or if the superior hawks can actually close this one out at home.

Side note: Why did the NBA ban the Band-Wade? Come on David Stern. Smarten up.

Kentucky Derby

The best 2 minuets in sports, bar none. But why NBC has a two-hour show for two minutes of racing, I’ll never know. You could have a half hour show and STILL have a pre-race show that was way too long. But it’s all worth it to hear the most famous recurring call in sports “AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME!!” A call that David Letterman has been obsessed over for 20 years.

So reintroduce your ass to the couch, go out and buy a 24, order some pizza, and enjoy a fantastic sports weekend.

By Scott


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