Told ya so

Not to jinx my future predictions but if you look back, I did say the Jays would sweep the O’s, and they say the only sweeping Canada does is at the bonspeil. The Jays got their first sweep of the year, Rios is 8/19, with a long one, so it is nice to see him finally warming up, especially since our other bats are cooling off.

On another note, how about Scott Richmond, what a great success story of a Canadian boy eh?

Now it will be nice to see my prediction of a five game winsteak com true. While Tallet wasn’t great his last time out, the Indians are pretty terrible so it’s a great time to rebound with a solid start. The Indian’s probable starter, Fausto Carmona, but our offence definitly has the advantage. Brett Cecil gets his first start of the year, and heres hoping that is over inflated ERA from Vegas is just that, inflated. Anthony Reyes has given up a lot of runs this year, and it would be nice to see the Jays take advantage of that.

Sticking with my original call of 2-0, and another [hardly] sweep.


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