A-Rod Rebuttal

Recently, in what I can only assume is a rebuttal to my post on why A-Rod is the biggest Douche in the Universe, Jim Caple has posted a rebuttal of sorts on ESPN’s Page 2. While Caple makes it clear that he certainly doesn’t support A-Roid, he thinks that the focus should be what Rodriguez does on the field not off. With that said here are Caple’s arguments, and my rebuttals for why A-Rod is still the biggest douche on and off the field.

J.C. He took off his shirt in Central Park.
L.W. Alex is lucky on this one, since 1992, when it was ruled that women may go topless in New York, technically he is allowed to take his shirt off in public. I do not want to sound sexist comparing Alex to a woman, but the fact of the matter is, there has always been some controversial discussion about exposing breasts in public. This becomes an issue because Alex is nicknamed “Bitch Tits” implying he needs a manzier. Although it could be argued he was going topless in protest, that would be far to philanthropic for A-Rod.

J.C. He had some sort of relationship with Madonna.
L.W. Select quotes “…a sexual icon for most of the past quarter-century?” You’re right, Madonna was hot 25 years ago, when Alex was 8. “There is no other explanation because famous athletes never, ever under any circumstances date famous, attractive celebrities. Unless, of course, it’s Joe DiMaggio marrying Marilyn Monroe. Or Derek Jeter dating Mariah Carey and Miss Universe. Or Tom Brady marrying Gisele Bundchen. Which, as we know, is completely different.” All these examples are different, all these women are in their prime, whereas, looks wise at least, Madonna is a has been. when you hear the name Madonna, you think of her years ago, not today.

J.C.He went to strip clubs and was seen canoodling with women other than his wife.
L.W. Just because Rodriguez isn’t the first to do this, doesn’t mean its justifiable.

J.C. He has played in high-stakes poker games.
L.W. You can belong to two schools of thought on this, the Charles Barkly mentality, that A-Rod makes more money so he can afford to play in high-stakes games. The other school of thought is that this is just a slippery slope. Given A-Rod’s history of tipping pitches, this can only lead to him betting on games he is playing in.

He lied about using steroids.
L.W. Yes, while he isn’t the only one to do this, nobody has also made as much as he has. With the privilege of such a high contract, comes certain responsibilities. Sadly, also come expectations, and therefore a reason to juice. If high contracts are a serious motivation to use steroids, should the Yankees be held repsonsible for the steroid epidemic in baseball? That’s a topic for another day, but A-Rod, with his contract, does have a weight on his shoulder to be clean, or come clean, especially since he was supposed to be the clean alternative to Bonds.

I agree, A-Rod should be judged on the field, but as the highest paid player, ever, on a New York team, there is pressure to be a likable star off the field as well. I think that Alex Rodriguez is headed very quickly down the same path as Barry Bonds, only he has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Update on this post

I have two more parts, and two more reasons to dislike A-Rod, continuing my earlier series.

First he only tips 15% at Hooters! The whole reasons women work as waitresses at Hooters is because they get great tips. Sure that $10,000 tip from Donald Trump turned out to be a Hoax, but it was believable, because that what people with money do, tip outrageously.

Secondly, he needs to update his website. It stops his bio in 2005, and makes multiple references to his wife. Pretty sure that she couldn’t take the infidelity, and filed for divorce. I guess he hasn’t paid his web master for a few years.


One response to “A-Rod Rebuttal

  1. J.C.He went to strip clubs and was seen canoodling with women other than his wife.
    L.W. Just because Rodriguez isn’t the first to do this, doesn’t mean its justifiable.

    Really, you’ve never been to a strip club. This is the dumbest thing to put in a book….who gives a crap

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