10 Thoughts From The Past Week

It has been a while since I last posted. I have a bunch of half written articles, but instead of actually finishing them I thought I would combine them into a list of independent and random thoughts from the past week

1. My dearest Brett Favre. I’m a big fan so I say this with the greatest possible respect. DON’T COME BACK!! You’ve become a laughing stock. You’re career is the Police Academy of the NFL; just call it quits already.

2. Manny Being Manny, just hit another gear. A positive drug test, a fifty game suspension, and a tarnished legacy. The one thing that angers me isn’t the broken trust or the end of “Mannywood,” but a poll ESPN had this week. The end result was over 50% of people saying they would still vote Manny into Cooperstown. If Bonds, palmeiro, and McGuire are out of the hall then Manny is too. We have two choices: change the way we see the hall (by making it JUST a museum of the past and not a memorial for great career accomplishments), or keep all those caught with performance enhancing drugs out of the hall.

3. The Jays pitching staff is about to come crashing down to earth. I hate to say it, but its happening.

4. The Celts will win the series with the Magic in 7, and then get destroyed by Cleveland in the next round. Lebron’s mission continues.

5. Man U has won the Premier League. It’s sad and it sucks……… MANC!!

6. Maybe, just maybe A-Rod can help the Yankees get back on track….if he starts pitching…..and has some steroids left over.

7. The Seahawks are the winners of the NFL offseason.

8. Sid the Kid, and Ovie need to get a room and embrace their inner Brandon St. Randy. It’s so obvious they’re madly in love.

9. The Rockets vs Lakers series is a better fight then the Pacquiao Hatton fight a couple weeks ago. It’s like some Neo vs Mr Anderson shit.

10. Ron Artest’s new do is the greatest thing to happen to sports hair since Jared Allens’ mullet.

by scott


2 responses to “10 Thoughts From The Past Week

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  2. Well, it’s one of the PACMAN HYPE that we are currently into! Hmp.

    Check some re-used photos in my blog sourcing out laughter from the hype they call MANNY PACQUIAO…

    There are some photos of PACMAN as a SUPERHERO, HOLLYWOOD STAR, TV SERIES IDOL, CUTE BABY, CELEBRITY, some STOLEN PHOTOS and some post with his TWIN SISTER.

    Just for laugh as they say and no offense! Check the link below…


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