Jays Guesses

Sorry for a lack of updated, I’ve been busy with work latly, But I would not have expected the Jay’s to drop this one to Oakland tonight. Other than that second inning by Richmond, he pitched a great game, less than 100 pitches over eight innings, can’t ask for much more…except maybe three more runs.

I didn’t get this posted as early as I would have liked but today Tallet takes the mound, and hopefully the bats will take the plate as well. I’m afraid that the bats are going to cool at the same time that the pitching does. The Jays have a history of winning two of three, but then losing eight or more in a row.

This west coast trip is looking like .500 will be a success, which with no off days it is. What I’m really interested in seeing is the matchup between Doc and A.J. on Tuesday.

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