Jays vs Yankees

The first “real” series of the Jays season so far, even though the billion dollar payroll Hank’s Yanks are sub.500. The first game in the series is by far the most anticipated game of the season thus far. The reason for this is that tonight will be A.J. Burnett’s first return to the city that he loved so much, and showed his so much love back. Given the reception we gave Zaun, who really didn’t deserve any of the boos, I really hope that A.J. leaves the game in tears. Please See Below To make A.J.’s return that much more epic, it is against Jay’s ace Roy Halladay. Sportsnet has dubbed this “Mentor vs Student”. I hope that A.J. goes just long enough to get the loss.

TSB Guide to Heckling A.J. Burnett

Heckling is a fine art, and when done properly can make the game experience for you, and those around you 100x better. Anyone who has been to a game, has probably seen bad heckling, and if they were lucky some good heckling too. The key to good heckling is to be original, witty, and not annoying, or overly offensive, it is a family venue after all.. Here are a few hints, and obscure facts for heckling A.J. Burnett.

  • Be sure to point out the fact, that during this recession where thousands of Americans are jobless, and have lost their nest egg. A.J. however, decided that his multi-million dollar contract wasn’t enough, so he upped and moved to New York for a five year 89.5 million dollar contract. I suppose it is the American way after all.
  • He used this money to hire a private jet to fly to Toronto early, with a few of his team mates. I bet hes liked in the clubhouse, but some of his teammate. Thank’s to the DJF for finding this tip.
  • He used to have his nipples pierced.
  • He has a tattoo of Bruce Lee on his tricep.
  • Not only has he become the most hated Toronto Athlete since Vince Carter, he used to live in V.C’s house
  • He only has two pitches a fastball, and a curveball
  • He might have had the worst no-hitter ever, allowing 9 walks.

The second of the three games have Andy Pettitte vs Scott Richmond. If you had asked me a year ago who would win this match, I’d say Pettitte hands down. Its funny how opinions can change so quickly isn’t it? Richmond’s worst start so far involved seven shutout innings and barley a couple of hits…minus that five run second, as Wilner likes to point out, other than this he hasn’t allowed more than three runs in a start. Still Pettitte is less than red hot, and depending on which Jay’s offense shows up, hopefully the Jays can light him up.

The potential rubber match will showcase C.C. Sabathia and the moved up Brian Tallet. Despite Tallet’s last outing, Sabathia has been pitching well of late, lowering his ERA to 3.94. Its too bad Chen Min Wang wasn’t here instead. Again it will be interesting to see how our offence does against the lefty pitching of Sabathia, i.e. Millar and Bautista.

I think that even though the Yankees are 15-16, this series will be the first test for the Jays. Their offence will give out pitchers a work out, but it shouldn’t be anything that Doc, Richmond, and Tallet can’t handle. We have always faired well in the last couple of years against the Yankees, and I don’t think this time around will be an exception. I predict that the Jay’s will win their first two, and drop the last game against Sabathia. Sadly I think that this game could also send Tallet back to the Bullpen, as Listch, and Jansen come off the DL.

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