It Wasn’t all that Bad. At least we have the Chi-Sox now.

Ok. So Richmond blew up again in the second inning, we couldn’t realistically expect Richmond to keep up the pace of 7IP and no more than 3 ER a game. Sadly however this time, he didn’t get out of the second, thankfully Halladay pitched a complete game and the ‘pen had an off day the day before that.

When we lost against Sabathia, I really question some of the Umps calls. I was folllowing on the ESPN Gamecast which shows the pitch location. The call I’m talking about is the walk against Gardner in thtop of the 7th. I tried to get a screen shot but I was a couple of seconds too late. Anyway, the third and fourth pitches were clearly strikes, that Gardner did not swing at. Had the Ump got the call right, Tallet is looking at 2-2 instead of 4-0. I know the Umps are human but in such a close game this really could have made the difference. Tallet didn’t have a bad game at all, just Sabathia was slightly better.

Now that we can put the past behind us, looking into the pre May 2-4 weekend, we go in and we face the Chicago White Sox. The Chi-Sox are second last (15-18) in the not-so-competitive AL Central. Nothing would be sweeter than rebounding with a sweep, or at very least a series win against the Sox. I’ve come to realize that we don’t need to maintain our position on top of the AL East to make the playoffs, the AL East is so competitive that as long as we finish second we should be able to catch the wild card this year. Of cours we don’t need to worry about that though since we’re obviously going to finish first.

I would post my indepth prediction for the series, but with pitchers coming off the dl (Casey Janson), I’m not sure how accurate the forecasting would be. Also the Beej is back so this could go either way, I’m hoping he doesn’t blow more than 2/3 save opportunities, I can’t believe we would sign him to a $12 mil/year contract, J.P. knows Monneyball, and he should know you don’t spend that kind of money on a closer.

Quick Prediction as much as I would love to predict a sweep I just can’t see the Jays winning four in a row. Side note, the Jays seem to be playing a lot of four and two game series this right now and it is kind of weirding me out. I say that we end up taking at least two but hopefully three. Also hopefully Aaron Hill is able to get back in the feild if Johnny Mac has to be pinch hit for at some point.

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