Jays at Sox (Red)

Firstly who would have thought that we would get a four game sweep of the Chi-Sox! Somewhat of a not so hot start from Doc, with only 7.0IP, and giving up two runs in the first inning. I know that only one was earned, but the other was due to a fielding error by Halladay, so it was quasi earned. Sadly we don’t get Roy Halladay tonight, or in any of the games against the Red Sox.

We do however have Tallet, Cecil and Ray, I heard a called on the Jay’s Talk say that our team doesn’t have a fifth starter, we have an ace and a bunch of number two’s. I think that is very true, because even the (arguably) weakest pitcher was able to step it up when the time called for it. I want to see if they can bring their A game in Fenway though.

Boston is sending Wakefield, Penny, and Lester. I don’t think that any of these three are better than ours, so once again we could require the bats to bail us out. Rios has actually been doing pretty well in May, even though Snider has slowed down. Snider will be getting a bit of a break though, when the Jays go to Atlanta, so we’ll also see Lind playing the field a little bit more.

If it does come down to the bats I’ll take our chances, since the Red Sox best hitter is still going hitless in Pawtucket and they are letting their professional hitter get some at-bats. Also getting some starts is Big Papi who is .209 and no home runs. I like the odds of it coming down to our ability to score one or two more runs than the Red Sox.

My prediction: 2 out of 3, and a bunch of wouldas couldas and shouldas


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