Ouch, Time to Move to a Weaker League


In addition to Travis Snider being optioned down to AAA for Joe Inglett, the Jays have also send down Robert “Bobby” Ray and Brett Cecil. They have Called up Casey Jansen, and have stated that Romero will make a start on Tuesday’s game against the O’s.

Well that trip to Fenway was about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. Other than Tallet’s outing on the first night, there was very little that went right, let alone well in this series. We lost all three games, we were outscored 15 to 5, and two of our young stars couldn’t rise to the occasion. At least we still have the lead of the AL East, but with the Red Sox hot on our heals, and the Yankees fast approaching, we need to do well against the N.L.

While Ray and Cecil aren’t going to be sent down after a couple of poor outings, youngin Travis Snider will be. He was optioned to Triple A Las Vegas this morning. I don’t think anybody didn’t see this coming, as Lind was going to get the start in LF during interleague play anyways, so it makes sense to bring up somebody like Joe Inglett who can be used off the bench. Apparently Russ Adams is also a candidate to replace him on the 25 man.

Until then we will take out our frustration against Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves, of the PCL (not the Triple A Pacific Coast League, you idiots, the Politically Correct League, whose members also include the Washington Redskins, and the Cleavland Indians). Before I preview the series, I want to state the absurdity of “Rivalry Weekend”. First of all the biggest baseball rivalry is the Red Sox and Yankees. The Yankees however, also have cross-town rivals the Mets. The Blue Jays, used to have the Expose, but since they moved to Washington and began rivalry with Baltimore, so their rival was 1993 World Series losers the Philadelphia Phillies. This year though, the Phillies are playing the Yankeees, so the BJs have been given a new rival, losers of the 1992 World Series, the Atlanta Braves. Maybe MLB wanted to relive the rivalry between 1992 World Series managers Cito Gaston and Bobbby Cox.

The Blue Jays have fared quite well on the road this year, and for some reason the Braves have fared poorly at home. Given the fact that The Jays will Start Halladay, Richmond, and Tallet, so we should be able to take two, if not all three against the Braves. Even though Tallet has been churning solid performance after solid performance, he goes up against Jair Jurrjens, who despite being 4-2 has a 1.96 ERA. A week ago I would have said this this game could come down to the offensive capabilities of the Jays, but latly we have been struggling to fire on all cylinders.

Predition: The Jays take two of three.

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