Now THAT was a Shot

Lebron James for 3.

We have just witnessed perhaps one of the greatest moments in NBA conference finals history. I may be overreacting because it just happened (LBJ is still being interviewed as a type this), but nonetheless that was absolutely amazing. James in a dead quiet Quicken Loans Arena, with one second on the clock, facing going down 0-2 in the series, down by two, with the weight of a heartbroken city on his shoulders hit the most clutch shot of his career.  Simply amazing.

Finally Cleveland has a good sports moment. Seriously try and think of a positive Cleveland sports memory.  The Indians? ….They only have World Series losses in the past 60 years…the Browns?…two words: The Drive….how about another two…John Elway… Ohio State?…okay maybe.  But they don’t count because all grads emphasize “THE” when talking about their alma mater. Seriously it ruins the first couple minutes of Monday Night Football.

Anyway my point is where is Toronto’s moment? Okay we have “touch em’ all Joe”, but something more… oh I don’t know…this millennium would be great.

Hey Lebron I have a GREAT idea. How about Toronto in 2010?

Regardless tonight we were all witness to greatness.

By a mezmorized Scott


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