Thrid Time’s the Charm

Well that was just terrible. I’m going to skip a review entirely to focus on this upcoming series against the Baltimore Orioles. If we want to keep any play off chances alive, we have win this series, if not sweep it. The A.L. East is just too competitive to take your time rebounding from a six game skid.

The Jays send Tallet (4.47), Romero (1.71) and Halladay (2.52) against Guthrite (5.37), TBA, and Hill (3.18). Two weeks ago, I would have thought that this would have been an automatic sweep for the Jays, but seeing as we scored 10 runs in 6 games, (1.67 rpg) we are going to need our pitching to keep giving us the quality they’re provided so far. I’m more worried about the chance for redemption when the Red Sox visit the Dome on Thursday, and we are without Halladay. Mike Wilner purposed an idea to bring up Casey Jansen to start this game for Halladay, and bump Halladay back one to start in Boston, however after bringing Jansen up for the Braves, it looks like this won’t happen.

I don’t think that it will be our defense that is an issue these next three days in Baltimore, as the Jays have only given up 204 runs thus far (we have scored 244, only Tampa as scored more with 263. The Yankees have scored 243, and Boston has scored 240). Baltimore has given up 263, but more importantly for the Jays they have given up 212. If there was ever a time for the bats to find their swing again, it would be now against the O’s.

With that said however, a slump is a slump, but Wells is due for a HR, and some RBIs, and Rios has been lukewarm of late. If we can get that sweet swing back from Scutaro, Hill, and Lind, with some help from Overbay and Rolen, we should have no trouble taking the series from Baltimore. Baltimore just won two of three close games against the Nationals, but lost 8-5 in the finale. I think that his is the kind of team the Jays need to beat up on to get their swagger back in time for the red sox.

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