There is a Curse

Ladies and Gentlemen out there in the blogosphere I have a confession to make. I am the reason the Jays have lost nine an unspeakable number of games in a row. I have a tendency to put the Jays game on the radio and fall asleep to the soothing voice of Alan Ashby and Jerry Howarth. You see as a shift worker I like a nap around 9:00pm so lately I would listen to the start of the game, hear them score one run and then feeling safe, as our offense was the best in the league so we had to score more, and our pitching was virtually unhitable, I would drift to sleep.

Then a couple of hours later I would wake up to hear that the Jays had failed to score any more runs. Not only this but they also failed to stop any, runs. O.K. so it was usually just a few but it was more then enough. For the last couple of days a friend of mine had been bugging me saying that I was the reason the Jays kept losing. I was convinced that there was no way my odd sleeping habbits could have anything to do with the Blue Jays record. I was wrong.

I decided today that the best way to predict the future was to make it. After checking the Box Score and seeing the Blue Jays up once again by a mere one run I decided I would watch the game on TV. I saw the fourth innning. I saw us put up six runs, albeit no dingers but still, at this point I’ll take six runs any way that I can.

It was at this point I decided to revert back to my old ways. I figured I should grab some Z’s before class, so I would listen to the rest of the game on the radio. I woke up to the top of the eighth inning and Baltimore coming back to tie the game. I had to go to class, so I turned on ESPN game centre to follow the game. I see Aaron Hill live up to the name he has made for himself and give us a comfortable two run lead. Then the beej came in, and Brian Wolfe. While I might have resurrected the curse for this game these two finished it.

I have decided I am going on a sleep strike until the Jays win. As for my prediction of the Boston Series. It’s Tim “I got you into this, I’m going to take you out” Wakefield on the mound. If we beat him curse over, we go two of three. If not we keep losing until we meet him again, and go 0-for-3.

P.S. Jamie Campbell said in the fourth we were out of it. Rance Muliniks said that he didn’t want to commit anything. Wilner, at least your off the jinx hook.


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