I Hate Rogers.

It is a good thing I bought the MLB Gameday Audio package, because living in Nova Scotia, I wouldn’t be able to WATCH the games even if I wanted too. The game being billed as being on Rogers Sportsnet, as is evident here. However they mean Sportsnet Ontario.

Now listening to the famillar vioces of Jerry Howarth and Allan Ashby, I hear a quickly paced game that is shapping up to be a good one. I figure I will go catch a few innings of the game on T.V. even if it is a sacrafice on the comentating. I walk down the hall, turn on the TV, and go to Sportsnet…Eastern/Atlantic Canada.

Many people out here are not Blue Jay fans, but rather fans of the Boston Red Sox, and I can understand that, they are the closest franchise, and I’m sure many peoples grandparents, and even parents remember listening to Red Sox games on New England radio stations they get. Regardless, I cheer for the team of my home town, and the only team in Canada. The Toronto Blue Jays.

Anyways, if you didn’t guess where this was going, I go turn on the TV, and to my surprise, the Toronto Blue Jays, promoted by their owner as “Canada’s Team” is not even viewable nation wide. Instead I get the NESN simulcast, and without even the familiar state the obvious colour commentary of Rance Mulinicks. I find this shocking, and disgusting, both from a Canadian Blue Jays fan, but also as a Business student. To market a team that you own, as a national team, then show not only another team, but a divisional rival as the ace of your team takes the mound is just wrong.

Absolutely Disgusting.

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