Sports Thoughts 2.0!

Since I didn’t post for SOOOO long, I have a second edition to my random sports thoughts.  Oh yeah I can feel the excitement.

As always I will be posting my rebuttals in italics.

1)    The best prediction for the NBA finals comes from PTI’s own Tony Kornheiser. “I’m taking the Lakers in 3.”

I’ll take the Lakers on April 14th please.

2)    While the Lakers-Magic series doesn’t have Kobe Vs. Lebron, it does have the battle of the washed-up college stars: Adam “teen stash” Morrison, Vs. J.J. “I’m  that creepy old guy who still goes to college parties” Redick.

Two quick facts about Adam Morrison for point number 2. Fact the first, he is diabetic. Fact the second he is a smoker.

3)    Randy Johnson won’t be the last 300 game winner of all time. If C.C. doesn’t pull a Bill Clinton and need a quadruple bypass, he’ll get the wins. Take it easy on the BBQ spare ribs C.C.

Actually it was calculated the Roy Halladay has the best chance to make it.

4)    EA Sports is coming out with the fourth installment of their Fight Night boxing franchise.  Walker and I are eagerly awaiting its release so we can have some more legendary basement bouts (I’ll admit he usually beat me). I love boxing as many of you may well know, but it depresses me that the marketers got Larry Fitzgerald and Wyclef Jean to promote their new game. Neither of them have anything to do with boxing…at all…

No but Fitzgerald is on the cover of another, more popular EA Sports game, and Wyclef is probably on the soundtrack. Secondly I fly back from Toronto on the 30th, the day this game is released, and I am thinking about moving my flight back a day to continue to pummel Scott into proper using proper grammar.

5)    Are you sitting down? Are you ready for this? My NBA finals prediction is. …………Orlando in 7!!!!………. Now before you blow a blood vessel and think I’ve gone all pro-Sunshine State, hear me out. Every team I cheer for looses.   Maybe I’ll even buy a Howard Jersey and destroy his career too.

No you are just coming out of the closet of fans of all things Florida related. If you really hated Florida you would constantly idle your car to increase the rate of global warming and the end of the sunshine state.

6)    Detroit will win the Stanley Cup in 6 games. Nothing interesting here, I just need a number six.

He who shall not be named, will tell the refs to give Syd the Kid a chance in game 6, also so the Red Wings can win at home.

7)    For number seven let me take you on a journey. Close your eyes……well read this first THEN close your eyes. Picture the biggest redneck you possibly can. Think of a funny looking, bug eyed, incest-loving, NASCAR fan; sitting there on his porch with his mouth wide open and a blank look on his face. Got it?  Now doesn’t that hillbilly you just pictured look like Tyler Hansbrough? Yeah I thought so.

Thanks for link to Tyler Hansbrough, let alone a picture included in the blog. No he doesn’t at all Hansbrough looks a little slack-jawed, maybe a little local, but abotu 200lbs too light to be a NASCAR fan.

8)    Did you know Stewart Scott has a glass eye! Am I the last person on earth to know this? ….Damn.

Did you know Mike Lowell only has one testicle.?

By: Scott and Lucas


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