Good Idea Bad Idea (Featuring Phil and Stan)

Did you ever watch Animaniacs?  You know Yakko, Wakko, and Dot? If not, it was a brilliant show that appealed to both kids and and their parents.  In fact take a break right now, type “Animaniacs” into youtube and enjoy some brilliant cartoon madness. Anyway the show used to have a segment called “Good Idea, Bad Idea,” and would (perhaps unsurprisingly) have a good idea, followed by a bad one. I know, who would have thought!  For example one segment said “good idea: tossing a penny into a fountain. Bad Idea: tossing your cousin Penny into a fountain.”

Now you might be asking yourself, what the hell is this guy’s point?  Well smart-ass, other then spreading the word about a great cartoon, I though this applied well to Stan Van Gundy, and Phil Jackson. Lets explore.

Good Idea: Being known as basketball’s best modern coach
Bad Idea: Being known for looking like the worlds best male pornstar

Good Idea: Chasing a record 9 championship rings
Bad Idea: Chasing the doughnut you dropped just before tipoff

Good Idea: Coaching in the City of Angles
Bad Idea: Coaching in fucking ORLANDO

Good Idea: Being the tallest and coolest guy in the room
Bad Idea: Being the shortest and most discussing Van Gundy Brother (that’s counting Ron Jeremy too)

Good Idea: Being calm, cool, and collected, no matter the situation
Bad Idea: Sweating more then your players

Good Idea: Having the nickname “Zen Master”
Bad Idea: Having the nickname “Master of Panic”

Good Idea: Having your superstar being the most focused athlete since MJ
Bad Idea: Having your superstar shoot a new commercial where he impersonates Rick James

Good Idea: Being affiliated with the Knicks, Bulls, and Lakers. The biggest teams in the NBA
Bad Idea: Being affiliated with the fucking ORLANDO MAGIC

Good Idea: Coaching, winning championships, leaving and having those teams fall apart
Bad Idea: Coaching, leaving half way through a season, and having your old team win a championship

Good Idea: Having Phil’s Wikipedia display picture
Bad Idea: Having Stan’s Wikipedia display picture

Good Idea: Growing a playoff beard and having everyone love it
Bad Idea: Growing a moustache that makes you look like a puggy Magnum P.I. reject

Good Idea: Wearing a different designer suit for every game
Bad Idea: Mastering the Turtleneck look

Good Idea: Your team’s most famous fan is Jack Nicholson. The only guy cooler then Phil
Bad Idea: Your team’s most famous fan is Tiger Woods…But he’s actually a Lakers fan

Good Idea: Being Phil
Bad Idea: …..ORLANDO

In the end, it’s good to be Phil.

By: Scott


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