David Dellucci

It seems that one of the worst kept rumored secrets regarding the Blue Jays has happened, they have signed David Dellucci. The first thing that comes to mind is the failed Brad Wilkerson/Kevin Mench trial of last year, that worked out really well…pause…not. The Jays are planning to use Dellucci to DH against right handers, I assume in a platoon with Kevin Millar. It seems like there seems to be more of a positive buzz around Dellucci. Mike Wilner said it right thought, hopefully they’ll pull the plug if the Delucci experiment fails, much earlier than they did with Wilkerson and Mench.

One question I have about signing Delucci is that he is has never been a power hitter, which right now is what the Jays need, but he can’t be any worse than Millar, hopefully this combined with the recognition he recived from the player of the week award means that he’ll be seeing some more playing time latly.

In other news the draft was last night and the Jays took pitchers, including one who is a Boras client, I would summerize the draft for you but, you can find it all on the Drunk Jays Fans webstie.

Sorry for the lack of posts latly, but the fact that I’ve been a little busy, coupled with the amount of medicority resulted in a lack of Jays posts latly.

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