Now that was a game

The ESPN front page says it all “Fisher King”. Sinking an almost buzzer beating three, there were about 4.2 seconds remaining when Derek Fisher hit a game tying three to send the game into overtime, then doing it once more in OT he was the star of last nights game. I can’t comment on the entire game, as I joined with about two minutes left in the 4th, but what a good job the Lakers did to come back and win it in OT.

Last nights final seven minutes had everything to be a great game, a close score, last second three pointers, enough physicality to keep people on their seats but not to actually kick anyone out, Kobe’s signature scowl and the list goes on. The only thing that this final needs is Lebron James and the Clevand Caviliers. My personal favourite moment of last night was when Kobe literally pulled Dwight Howard down to draw the foul. It may have been a little over the top, but it ensured they drew the foul, and sent a message without the Laker’s star player being send out of the game.

I can’t belive I’m saying this but I hope that the Magic win the next game. The only reason I say this is because a tight series is more fun to watch. In addition, it would mean that the Lakers would win at home, and not only is that more satisfying, its a lot more entertaining to watch a crowd when their team is on the verge of winning. Plus Jack Nicholson is getting old and this could be the last championship. If they ever make a movie about the Lakers, I’d like to see Jack play Phil Jackson.

Here’s a couple of points I made last night.

  • I would like nobody more than Kobe to lead my team in the Finals, he’s going to make one hell of a coach some day. The intensity and passion he showed last night in addition to his ability to sink the ball was phenomenal.
  • If you don’t have Twitter yet get it now. The reason and reason alone you should get Twitter is for Shaquille O’Neil. What more could you want then Shaq’s live opinion on what’s happening in the game, my favourite Shaqueet (n. a Tweet posted by Shaq) was “Elbow then a three, this is a good game I’m so excited I just can’t hide it I’m about 2 lose control I think I like it Pointer sisters”



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