Worst. Tattoo. Ever.

Alright maybe the best tattoo of the worst tattoo ever.

Alright maybe the best tattoo of the worst tattoo ever.

No not that one, but it is pretty bad. After coming across a great new blog Awful Announcing, well new to me anyway, I took a look around and scrolled down to find this great piece. Turns out Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco decided to get what appears to be the state of Florida tattooed on his face. I looked it up to make sure he is from Florida, and sadly he is. I can only think of how much more fun it would be to laugh at Chad’s stupidity had he been from Iowa. Update, he also has a tattoo of two X’s or a “double cross” on the other side of his face.

This got me thinking what are some of the worst ideas for not just tattoos, but facial tattoos. Albiet I’m not a fan of tattoos in general, but I think that a facial tattoo might be one of the dumbest ideas ever. I’m also really hoping that this isn’t the next step in tattoo trends..barbed wire arm bands, tramp stamps, and facial tattoos.

The king of facial tattoos is Mike Tyson, he also wants to eat your children. His facial tattoo is a double offender, for being a tribal design which probably means nothing to him, and its on his face. I think that the picture above shows that the only thing better than a Mike Tyson tattooed face….is a tattoo of Mike Tysons face. Come to thinking of it maybe I’m wrong, maybe I need a facial tattoo, I would get this one tattooed on my face, over my face but slightly misaligned just to throw people off.

The one facial tattoo I do approve of is Blue Jays relief man turned closer Scott Downs  tattoo of a snake on his face. It was his response to critics who said that he wasn’t intimidating enough on the mound. Do you know why I approve of this face tat? It is a running joke from Jays Talk host and radio personality Mike Wilner. He proves the point that facial tattoos are only cool and hillarious when they don’t exist.

Here are my top 10 ideas for worst facial tattoos ever.

  1. The name of a significant other
  2. A geographic location
  3. Anything tribal
  4. A cut away of your face making it a skull. I admit that this is a cool idea but why would you ever live with that
  5. Something commemorative
  6. Anything
  7. Facial hair stubble
  8. Something that could make you an extra in American History X
  9. Anything normally regrettable
  10. Anything ever


One response to “Worst. Tattoo. Ever.

  1. your retarded…Tyson isn’t the king of face tattoo’s and it’s a choice just like your dumb decision to complain about tattoos get a life no cares what you think you crazy cracker do your research next time. Face tattoos have always been around speaking of trends that your crying so much about look at you, you bloging fagot!

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