Game 7 Diary

I’m no hockey fan, but it’s a game 7!! Of course I’m watching! I’m openly cheering for the Pens… and my prediction?…. Pens 4 Wings 2. That’s right people I’m picking the upset! (looking at his retroactively this looks like i’m just trying to look smart, but i really did pick the pens.)

Regular readers will know the question I persistently wrestle with; what can I eat while watching? In the end I settle on fruit. Give me a break it’s not like this game means anything….oh wait….

They do the whole national anthem thing, but the HNIC announcer just won’t SHUT UP. This is one of these moments, where the audience knows the steaks, you don’t need to constantly remind us it’s game 7!

The game starts, and instantly the Wings have pressure. This is a good thing because on a stage like this, early pressure never lasts. Exhibit A: the Orlando Magic last night (Thursday night)….of course now that I typed that, I think I just screwed over the Pens…..crap….

The first commercial hits and I briefly switch over to Jurassic Fight Club. What a stupid show. It doesn’t matter if the Triceratops beats the T-Rex, we all know the asteroid wins in the end…Pff paleontologists, shows what you guys know. Can you name any famous Paleontologist?…..Besides Ross from Friends.

I know I’m no hockey aficionado, but I know the Red Wings are a boring team. They’re like Red Stormtroopers.

The first period come to a close. It was a  great frame of hockey, full of pressure for both teams, however no goals for either side.

I change the channel before I have to listen to Don Cherry. “HEY KIDS…..”

A friend texts me “we’re at hooters, come watch the game!” I get in the car faster then you can say Ruslan Fedotenko.

At this point I go into a blogging blur full of chicken wings, beer, and orange short-shorts. Somewhere along the line the Pens win


By (a hungover) Scott


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