Gameday Diary NBA Finals Game 5

Lakers Championship and Retired Number Banners

Lakers championship banners and retired numbers hanging at the Staples Center

Just a note to everyone reading because I’m in Nova Scotia my times are an hour ahead of eastern standard time.


With four of us hanging out in Chansey’s room (I’m living in a residence over the summer) we talk about watching something and then it hits me the finals are on. Chansey and I are both into the NBA finals, but the others aren’t into it as much. Regardless we decide that we’re going watch the game but first we need some food. We decide to order a family deal, one large pizza, one large garlic fingers, and a 2L Pepsi. We also get four donair dipping sauces. For those of you who don’t know what a donair is, thank goodness for wikipedia.


We finally get our food and head to the lounge. Turn on the TV and the Lakers are up by 10 in the second quarter, looks like this one will be a no brainier of who wins. The only question is how badly the Lakers will beat the Magic. Its looking like once again the Magic forgot to bring any defence.


Half of us have retired to bed, being not into basketball and it not being a good game. Around halftime I start thinking, even though it isn’t the Superbowl why are there so many bad commercials. It might just be that stupid Coke points Sprite commercial where the guy pours Sprite onto/into everything, an ice cube tray, a bath tub, on a plant every. Just a stupid commercial. If that was the bad, then the good are definitely those Year One commercials starting Jack Black and Michael Cera. They are a good duo with Jack Black’s in your face style comedy and Michael Cera’s awkwardness.


With the Lakers up by 15 I’m the last one in the lounge ridding it out to the end. This game hasn’t even been close. I kills some time over the commercials by looking over pictures of the Lakers game I went to in LA. Thats where the title picture came from. I’m not a big basketball fan, but this has seriously been one of the most lopsideded finals, I don’t know how the the Laker’s haven’t swept any other teams.


Well it is official, the Lakers finally win, and championship number four for Kobe, tying Shaq. It’s nice to see Shaq’s tweets supporting his former teammate, but its too bad that Shaq seems to have forgotten his roots with the Magic who drafted him. Congratulations to Phil Jackson for becoming the NBA head coach with the most championships, 10. The only question now is if he will return next year.



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