Does Anyone even Care Anymore?

So with Sammy Sosa’s name being reveled on that pesky 2003 list of 104 “anonymous” names who tested positive. A couple of thoughts on this, as it will likely be beaten do death everywhere else. Earlier this year it was A-Roid, now its Sammy Sosa. Both big names likely to generate a lot of discussion. But Maybe that’s what MLB wants A-Rod’s information was leaked in the middle of the off season coming up on spring training and the information was leaked about Sosa the day after the NBA finals finished.

My first thought is anyone surprised? He was in that home run chase with Mark McGuire, and was found using a corked bat. What’s the big surprise that he was taking performance enhancing drugs? With every name that gets leaked, from a list six years ago are people still going to care? The thing is that at this point everyone is under suspicion so everyone’s numbers are inflated. The only question that remains is exactly how inflated they are. It will be interesting to see if Sammy Sosa one day makes it into the Hall despite using a corked bat and a positive steroid test just because he was such a likable guy.

One of my biggest issues with this is that it was supposed to be an anonymous test. If you told the players who were tested that a few years down the road their names would slowly be leaked out one at a time none of them would have ever agreed to it. If none of them agreed to the testing then an argument could be made that we wouldn’t have the testnig policy (which is a joke) that is in place now.

When Manny visited his team, he was warned not to do it again. He’s already in hot water, they should have slapped him with another five games. If MLB want the fans and more importantly their players, to take the drug tasting policy seriously then they need to treat their offenders accordingly.


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