It’s been too long. So you know what that means……RANDOM SPORTS THOUGHTS!!!!

1)    Who do you think gets more headlines south of the boarder: The Leafs or Ryan Leaf?
2)    Which is a bigger letdown for Canada: The Jays’ early collapse, or Mike Weir’s eventual collapse at the U.S. Open?
3)    Did anyone else see the photo shoot with Tennis star Maria Sharapova making over Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford? Click here to listen to the soundtrack of that photo shoot.
4)    This may be sacrilegious, but Vernon Wells reminds me of Joe Carter.
5)    Josh McDaniels announced Kyle Orton as the Broncos’ starter.  Then said “no decisions are made in June.” …..So why the hell are you wasting my time Josh?…Why are you wasting my time.
6)    Enough with Kobe people. He hasn’t changed; we just want the good guy to win. No one wants to say “he’s the same old Kobe,” so now he’s a “new leader?” This is more time wasting people.
7)    That being said Phil Jackson is the best BAKETBALL coach ever. But basketball coaches rely on their stars more then any other sport and he’s had the best. Remember when Doc Rivers was a laughing stock? Then came his meal tickets known as KG and Ray Allen.
8)    Sammy Sosa was on Steroids!?!?! That isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that anyone would be surprised….Did you get that?
9)     Michael Phelps wrote a kids book called “How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals.” That’s fuckin’ retarded even for a Michael Phelps kids book.
10)    Artie Lange is my new hero. Even though he’s the human equivalent to a KFC chicken-wing dipped in heroine, he made Joe Buck look completely idiotic.  And anyone who shuts up Joe Buck is a hero in my book.

By Scott

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