Rainy Sunday

As I await the rain to go away on this drizzly Father’s Day, I find the weather quite appropriate to describe how I feel after a pretty dismal week of sports for Toronto fans. My silver lining was that I had a softball game tonight, but given the fact its raining out, I doubt that we will end up playing tonight.

After sweeping the reigning World Series champions, the Philidelphia Phillies, the Jays went on to lose the first two games of the series against the pathedic Washington Nationals. A team so pathetic, that even though they have won four in a row they still do not have 20 wins. They gotten over 20% of their last wins in their last four games. Somehow the Jays always end up playing down to the weaker teams.

In addition to dropping these games against the dismal Nationals, we sent our best pitcher, Roy Halladay to the DL, after he left a game early due to tightness in his groin. At least he won’t be alone though as our closer Scott Downs joined him as well. Oh ya, Casey Janson is also going down as his surgically repaired elbow isn’t quite up to the strain of being a starting pitcher. Scott Richmond had a fantastic outting, bringing out his inner Doc Halladay. After going deep into the pen on Saturday’s game against the Nationals he had too come in and pitch a couple of innings of relief, which means he’ll likely be bumped back. All things considered I’m surprised at the lack of credibility Scott Richmond has received this year, and despite all the pitching changes he has remained our #5.

The Toronto Argonauts kicked off the preseason this year under new head coach Bart Andrus, an offensive mind from the NFL, and he led the Argos to their 10th straight loss. Albeit preseason, but I bet he would have started off his new job with a W. The Argos next game is the second and final preseason match of the season, and hopefully they can get any major kinks worked out. The next game is in Hamilton against the Tiger-Cats and could be a preview of the season opener, also in Hamilton against the Ti-Cats. The CFL desperately needs more teams.

The biggest joy of the week was the TFC 6-1 win. A soccer game with a 6-1 score is like a basketball games with a 432-81 score. Unfortunately it was against the Montreal Impact, so it wasn’t a league game. Part of the reason that this victory meant so much was becuase it virtually gaurntees the TFC some interleagues championship, because we stand no chance of winning the MLS championship. I wish I cared more about soccer, but before the TFC came to town I couldn’t even name one MLS team.


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