Random Sports Thoughts: Vacation Edition

Sorry for the lack of updates lately I’ve been home visiting my friends and family in Toronto, and been too busy actually going to Jays games to Blog about them. It was nice to see their one win against the Phillys

RST # 1. It was always bad enough being a Jays fan at the Rogers Centre when the Yankees or Red Sox were in town because the number of “visitor” fans were always just as if not as large as the number of Jays fans. Now with the Jays attendance down this year and the number of Philly’s fans within driving distance, especially for a weekend series another team has joined the list. Thankfully, the Philly’s visit once a year at most but it is still sad when there are three teams you can expect to have more fans than the home team

RST #2. Being in Toronto there was a lot of talk about one of the two drafts. On the eve of the NBA draft all the sports radio and TV was all about the next day’s NHL draft. While the NFL draft is the most exciting to follow, it would have been nice to be able to follow the NBA draft, as I’m personally more interested in that than the NHL draft. This leads me into my RST #2.1

RST #2.1. If the Raptors want to be taken seriously in Toronto they need more games on Sportsnet and TSN, not The Score and TSN 2. The number of sports channels in Toronto is a perfect example of  quality vs quantity. Sure there are four Sportsnet TSN the Score and now TSN2 but there is not enough programming to fill two of them as the amount of live radio, sportsnet repeats, and poker shows. Instead of having four subpar channels have two good channels that show poker one a week, a repeat of the highlight of the sports highlight show at the end of the week, and quality programming like NFL films, and classic matches.

RST #3. This is more of a half-baked idea but when they designed the Sky Dome back in the 1980’s they designed the roof to open the wrong way. On weekend and day baseball games the crowd is entirety in the sun, and the sun sets halfway onto the field. The other way around and the crowd would be nice and comfortable in the shade.

RST #4. I think that it gets to a point where when your city goes a long time without a championship you’re actually better off. There are a few teams that are on this list. The Chicago Cubs are the captain, having gone over 100 years without a championship, but going a while without one weeds out the fair weather fans and builds solidarity down the road. Unfortunately for the Leafs, they haven’t won since there were six teams in the league, not quite as character building as the Cubbies.

RST#4.1. Other than the White Sox I think that Chicago is the driest city in terms of Championships. The Cubs 1901. The Black Hawks 1961. Da Bears have won one Superbowl, in 1985. The obvious rule to this exception are the Chicago Bulls, but even they had one decade, and their six championships can be spread mightily thin amongst the other four teams.


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