Random Sports Thoughs

First off let me say, yet again it’s been far too long. So let’s get back into the swing of things with the ORIGINAL Random Sports Thoughts.

1) RIP Steve McNair

I am and always have been a Titans fan. I’m not one of those people who idolize the dead (I’m looking at you new Michael Jackson fans) so I mean it when I say I’m going to miss Steve McNair. I became a lover of the double blue (US version) because of Eddie George, but stayed for McNair. I didn’t care about his great arm or ability to use his legs; no, I loved how he always played hurt. He ALWAYS had an injury. He isn’t Canton worthy, but he’ll always be the best Titans QB in my book.

2)    Hedo to the Raptors!

I LOVE the idea of having Hedo on the Raps. He’s arguably the best Free Agent available this year (since Kobe didn’t opt out) and now we can finally say a big name free agent is coming to T.O.!! As an added bonus, we screwed over Orlando at the same time!!

According to ESPN, the reason he backtracked on Portland (Up yours Oregon!)  was because his wife wanted to live in a big city, with a large Turkish population. So I would just like to send a big TO Sports Blog thank you to every Turkish person living in Southern Ontario. GOOD ON YA TURKS!!! We owe you one.

3)    Raptors Big Three

With the addition of Hedo, the big three of the Raps becomes Bosh at the 4, Hedo at the 3, and Jose at the point.  Throw in Andrea Bargnani at the 5 and a 2 by committee, you get a respectable starting 5.  The question is; in a conference that only got better, can these three lead us to the Playoffs? I love the raps, and I love the Hedo pickup, but I’m guessing…..no.

4)    Manny Ramirez

Prediction: Manny will be the first “druggy” to get voted into the Hall of Fame. He will then open the door for every other ball player with a syringe in his ass. The question is, will he go as a LA Dodger, Red Sox, or Indian?

5)    Fight Night Round 4 Walker Vs. Scott

Yes I pre-ordered the game in April, and yes I was almost guaranteed to love it no matter what they gave me.  However despite my obvious biases, it is an astonishing game. Of course when I play my main man Walker I will never win. Walker is like the Bill Belichick of video games. He’s methodical, computerized, and cheats just a little bit, but in the end he’ll beat you every time, and history only remembers the “Ws”. My hat is off to you my friend. You’re the undisputed pound for pound champion of my basement.

6) Wimbledon 2009

Thank god Federer beat Roddick in today’s MONUMENTAL Wimbledon final. If Roddick had won he would have denied Federer, and fans, a truely astonishing record. Something which we are privileged to say happened in our lifetime….he would have been the NY Giants of the Tennis world.

7) Lou Gherig

Lou Gehrig’s letters to his doctors are on ESPN.com. Go read them if you haven’t already. They’re a touching, and tragic look into a man’s struggle against his own body.

8) Lance Armstrong

I hate the sports media sometimes. Lance has openly said he’s running in this Tour De France for charity and NOT to win it.  Yet EVERYONE is asking “will he win it?” Are you even listening ESPN?

9) Victor Ortiz

Vicious Victor Ortiz was one of the brightest rising stars in all of boxing. In fact when EA sports approached Oscar De La Hoya asking him to be in Fight Night Round 4, he gave up his spot in the game so Victor Ortiz could take his spot.

However after his last fight, a TKO loss in the 6th round to Marcos Maidana, he stated he would rather stop a fight then keep going and potentially get knocked out cold. In a sport that demands its stars go beyond their physical limits, and die in the field of battle, Ortiz may have destroyed his career just as it started.

10)  US Soccer

Let me lead you in a prayer to the sports gods. Please hold hands with the person beside you and read the following.

O sports Gods, please do not let the US become a soccer power. They are already, world players at Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, Golf, Boxing, and pretty much every Olympic sport. They are cocky enough.  Soccer was the only thing they were comically bad at. So if you can see it in your infinite wisdom to not give the US soccer too, we would be forever grateful.


One For The Road

The Easiest job in the world is being in the SNL Band. You play twice per show, on a weekly show then go out afterwards and do some blow with the guest host. Possibly the cushiest gig in the world…..besides being Michael Buffer

By: Scott


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