Half Baked All Star Ideas

With the MLB All Star Game on Tuesday and as always criticisms about the fans voting in players, and the winner determining home field advantage for the World Series I have a few half baked ideas to make the game better. Some are additions to ideas that have already been said, so I know that I am not original in my thinking, just my twists on them. Without further adue, here are my half baked ideas to make the MLB All-Star game even better.

Half Baked Idea Number One

Catch a break from the regular names with a little R&R, rookies and retirees. What the MLB All Star game needs is more mini games and competitions and this is just one, have a defense made up of rookies, vs an offense of all guys who are retired. The rookies play the field while the old timers bat once through the line up. The over under is 3.5 runs, with unlimited outs, if the old guys can score 4 runs with 9 batters and unlimited outs they win, if the young guys can keep them to three or less then the rookies win. The over-under score might need to be adjusted but it would be a chance to see your favourite veterans one last time, against your just drafted future.

Half Baked Idea Number Two

Have a free agent talent show. Let guys like Frank Thomas and Pedro Martinez show off that they can still, or can’t still play. All the big names from each team are in town so they get a chance to showcase what they have to everyone. With the trade deadline a couple of weeks away after the break, why not let the free agents show what they have left. They could have their own home run derby, pitch off, base stealing competition etc. which brings me to my next point.

Half Baked Idea Number Three

More skill competitions. Sure the Home Run Derby is fun, minus all the ads and the fact it takes a whole working day to play, but the skill competitions. The NHL has the fastest lap, hardest shot, accuracy competition with the breaking targets, so why not bring some of these to the MLB. They could have a base stealing showdown, I’d like to see runners on first and third both running to second, but I don’t think MLB would like the risk of injury, so have a runner on first and second both trying to advance. A spin on this could be a runner vs catcher showdown, where the pitcher throws a pitch out, and the runner has to beat the throw.

Another skill competition that I would like to see tests the pitchers accuracy by breaking plates that represent the strike zone. Have them break five softball sizes plates, one in each corner and one right in the middle without breaking any plates outside of the strike zone. For the second round, back the plates up so they are now throwing at a longer distance, have them throw from second or something. I’m sure the GM’s wouldn’t want their pitchers getting tired, but they wouldn’t be throwing for power so much as accuracy, again it would be goo for teams looking to shop their pitchers out.

By Lucas


One response to “Half Baked All Star Ideas

  1. Haha. I like the FA talent show idea. I’m picturing an infielder taking ground balls for GM’s. Pretty entertaining.

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