Mmm Food

Some things are just better accompanied, and sports are no exception, sports just go better with food. While there are the foods that go well with just about any sport, see pizza, but some foods like aged cheddar are more sport specific .

Pizza. The Nuremberg Defense of foods, pizza goes well almost with just about anything, anywhere, anytime. Part of the reason that pizza goes so well with almost every sporting event is because its so flexible. At Wrigley Field or at a local sports bar because Cubs tickets were too much? Grab a deep dish meat-zza. In the middle of winter at a Leafs game, a slice of hot and fresh pepperoni for $7.95 hits the spot. Even for more elegant sports like golf and tennis go well with a whole wheat thin crust lighter pizza like tomato and basil.

BBQ Meat. This is more of a generic category, that covers all the basics, hot dogs, hamburgers, hell even BBQ ribs. These are typically more summer foods that you would throw on the BBQ while watching baseball, or even NBA/NHL playoffs. The fan faithful will even fire up the BBQ on a cold November Sunday. While temperature isn’t something that those in warmer parts of the world have to worry about, it is something that affects us Torontonians. Like pizza BBQ meat goes good with just about any sporting event, live or watching on TV.

Nachos. Nachos are interesting because while you can get them at most venues they are much better at a pub or home. I consider Nachos more of a Baseball or Football snack, they are also good for Hockey and Basketball inside in the middle of winter.

Pretzel. My favourite stadium snack, warm, light, salty and covered in mustard. Pretzels are always good, and usually pretty reasonably priced.

Popcorn. Much like pretzels popcorn is just about always good, some may see it as a pro, other a con, but it is also very shareable. A word of warning though, popcorn can be very filling if you try to eat a bag yourself.

Cheese Platter.
I love cheese, I’d like nothing more than to go to a a basketbal game and chaw down on a brick of Cracker Barrel Old Cheddar. However, a cheese plate is almost exclusively reserved for getting together and watching the majors, that and Wimbledon.


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