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Thoughts on Doc

Is This the End?
Is This the End?

There have been two things in the last two days that have indicated that Doc is going to be traded. The first is his wife Brandy. Over the last three games she has been in the broadcast booth plugging the Lady Jays Food Drive. When the topic of Halladay being traded she was practically in tears. She was holding them back but they were still there.

Almost as concerning was today after Halladay’s complete game win he looked sad, happy because he won, but sad because he knew that this could very well be his last win with the team. If it was it was a great way to be remembered as a Blue Jay.

While both “indicators” are purly guesses, there is no denying how Doc looked today, sort of like the day of his high school graduation, he was happy for the moment, and knows he is going onto bigger and better things, but sad to leave all everything behind.

Now I have a conspericy theory. If Doc gets traded now and wins a ring, he might come back to Toronto after 2010. He has settled down here, and his wife and kids I assume are quite happy. I’m sure that they would rather raise their kids here then say Baltimore, or many American city’s. In addition, Brandy Halladay and their children could live with Doc for the rest of this summer and next, which means that they wouldn’t spend too much time apart, especially when you consider things like Roy being away for spring training and road games. Wishful thinking at best, but I hope its a reality.


David Dellucci

It seems that one of the worst kept rumored secrets regarding the Blue Jays has happened, they have signed David Dellucci. The first thing that comes to mind is the failed Brad Wilkerson/Kevin Mench trial of last year, that worked out really well…pause…not. The Jays are planning to use Dellucci to DH against right handers, I assume in a platoon with Kevin Millar. It seems like there seems to be more of a positive buzz around Dellucci. Mike Wilner said it right thought, hopefully they’ll pull the plug if the Delucci experiment fails, much earlier than they did with Wilkerson and Mench.

One question I have about signing Delucci is that he is has never been a power hitter, which right now is what the Jays need, but he can’t be any worse than Millar, hopefully this combined with the recognition he recived from the player of the week award means that he’ll be seeing some more playing time latly.

In other news the draft was last night and the Jays took pitchers, including one who is a Boras client, I would summerize the draft for you but, you can find it all on the Drunk Jays Fans webstie.

Sorry for the lack of posts latly, but the fact that I’ve been a little busy, coupled with the amount of medicority resulted in a lack of Jays posts latly.

Blue Jays First Semester Report Card

Toronto Blue Jays First Semester Report Card. A quick note, I have written this over a couple of days so some stats might be slightly stale.

With approximately one third of the school year, regular season behind us, its safe to say we are at that point where we can judge how a player, coach, or team has preformed, but there is still enough time to correct it. With that said here is a look at how each player has fared thus far throughout the 2009 season. Starting with the position players.

Marco Scutaro – SS

Scutaro has turned into the leadoff hitter that the Jays have lacked since Reed Johnson left us. He is batter .305, but more importantly for a leadoff hitter, his OBP is .408, drawing a total of 37 walks, good enough to lead the team, and be only second in the AL (Carlos Pena is first with 38, Jason Bay is tied with 37). Scutaro has also been nothing to scoff at in the power department with five home runs, and 15 doubles.

First Semester Grade: A-
but like his batting average it is on its way down.

Since you posted so recently Scott, I’ll split my post here, Click to keep reading.

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I Hate Rogers.

It is a good thing I bought the MLB Gameday Audio package, because living in Nova Scotia, I wouldn’t be able to WATCH the games even if I wanted too. The game being billed as being on Rogers Sportsnet, as is evident here. However they mean Sportsnet Ontario.

Now listening to the famillar vioces of Jerry Howarth and Allan Ashby, I hear a quickly paced game that is shapping up to be a good one. I figure I will go catch a few innings of the game on T.V. even if it is a sacrafice on the comentating. I walk down the hall, turn on the TV, and go to Sportsnet…Eastern/Atlantic Canada.

Many people out here are not Blue Jay fans, but rather fans of the Boston Red Sox, and I can understand that, they are the closest franchise, and I’m sure many peoples grandparents, and even parents remember listening to Red Sox games on New England radio stations they get. Regardless, I cheer for the team of my home town, and the only team in Canada. The Toronto Blue Jays.

Anyways, if you didn’t guess where this was going, I go turn on the TV, and to my surprise, the Toronto Blue Jays, promoted by their owner as “Canada’s Team” is not even viewable nation wide. Instead I get the NESN simulcast, and without even the familiar state the obvious colour commentary of Rance Mulinicks. I find this shocking, and disgusting, both from a Canadian Blue Jays fan, but also as a Business student. To market a team that you own, as a national team, then show not only another team, but a divisional rival as the ace of your team takes the mound is just wrong.

Absolutely Disgusting.

And We’re Back.

While a series win against the Boston Red Sox is always a plus, we needed it after going 0-9 on a three series road trip. I had predicted that the Jays would go 16-13 in May, but they finished 14-15, thanks in large part to this forgettable road trip.

Of the three games, the one that had me the most worried was Sunday afternoon’s match as Romero looked shaky in his second start back from the DL. I wonder how long he has to get his act together before he has to go back down. I’m also curious as to why the Blue Jays have decided to skip Scott Richmond’s start. Sure he’s good out of the pen, but we need him in our starting five.

Today marks the turn of the calender from May to June, warmer weather which will result in the dome (hopefully) being open, and hopefully a rise in attendance. The Jays have a bit more rest this month with three off days, including one today to start the month. After this we play the Angels and Royals at the R.C. then head out to Texas before starting interleague play.

The Jays tend to fair alright, not great in interleague play, to start it off in “rivalry” weekend – I still have no idea why the Yankees and Mets didn’t play each other. Our interleague schedules includes trips to Philly, and Washington, and has the Marlins, Reds, and Phillies visiting the Blue Jays.

The first series of June, commencing tomorrow has the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim who are 25-25, 5-5 in their last 10 games. The Jays will start Halladay who looks to be the first 9 win pitcher this season, and if the bats are back for the Jays. Starting along with with Halladay for the Jays are Casey Jansen and Brian Tallet. The Angels are countering with Johan Santana, Jered Weaver and John Lackey.

I think that the Jays will go 2-1 Against LA of A, as we are the better team, but Johan Santana has been hot of late, and Jansen has been good, but again not great in his first two starts.

There is a Curse

Ladies and Gentlemen out there in the blogosphere I have a confession to make. I am the reason the Jays have lost nine an unspeakable number of games in a row. I have a tendency to put the Jays game on the radio and fall asleep to the soothing voice of Alan Ashby and Jerry Howarth. You see as a shift worker I like a nap around 9:00pm so lately I would listen to the start of the game, hear them score one run and then feeling safe, as our offense was the best in the league so we had to score more, and our pitching was virtually unhitable, I would drift to sleep.

Then a couple of hours later I would wake up to hear that the Jays had failed to score any more runs. Not only this but they also failed to stop any, runs. O.K. so it was usually just a few but it was more then enough. For the last couple of days a friend of mine had been bugging me saying that I was the reason the Jays kept losing. I was convinced that there was no way my odd sleeping habbits could have anything to do with the Blue Jays record. I was wrong.

I decided today that the best way to predict the future was to make it. After checking the Box Score and seeing the Blue Jays up once again by a mere one run I decided I would watch the game on TV. I saw the fourth innning. I saw us put up six runs, albeit no dingers but still, at this point I’ll take six runs any way that I can.

It was at this point I decided to revert back to my old ways. I figured I should grab some Z’s before class, so I would listen to the rest of the game on the radio. I woke up to the top of the eighth inning and Baltimore coming back to tie the game. I had to go to class, so I turned on ESPN game centre to follow the game. I see Aaron Hill live up to the name he has made for himself and give us a comfortable two run lead. Then the beej came in, and Brian Wolfe. While I might have resurrected the curse for this game these two finished it.

I have decided I am going on a sleep strike until the Jays win. As for my prediction of the Boston Series. It’s Tim “I got you into this, I’m going to take you out” Wakefield on the mound. If we beat him curse over, we go two of three. If not we keep losing until we meet him again, and go 0-for-3.

P.S. Jamie Campbell said in the fourth we were out of it. Rance Muliniks said that he didn’t want to commit anything. Wilner, at least your off the jinx hook.

Ouch, Time to Move to a Weaker League


In addition to Travis Snider being optioned down to AAA for Joe Inglett, the Jays have also send down Robert “Bobby” Ray and Brett Cecil. They have Called up Casey Jansen, and have stated that Romero will make a start on Tuesday’s game against the O’s.

Well that trip to Fenway was about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. Other than Tallet’s outing on the first night, there was very little that went right, let alone well in this series. We lost all three games, we were outscored 15 to 5, and two of our young stars couldn’t rise to the occasion. At least we still have the lead of the AL East, but with the Red Sox hot on our heals, and the Yankees fast approaching, we need to do well against the N.L.

While Ray and Cecil aren’t going to be sent down after a couple of poor outings, youngin Travis Snider will be. He was optioned to Triple A Las Vegas this morning. I don’t think anybody didn’t see this coming, as Lind was going to get the start in LF during interleague play anyways, so it makes sense to bring up somebody like Joe Inglett who can be used off the bench. Apparently Russ Adams is also a candidate to replace him on the 25 man.

Until then we will take out our frustration against Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves, of the PCL (not the Triple A Pacific Coast League, you idiots, the Politically Correct League, whose members also include the Washington Redskins, and the Cleavland Indians). Before I preview the series, I want to state the absurdity of “Rivalry Weekend”. First of all the biggest baseball rivalry is the Red Sox and Yankees. The Yankees however, also have cross-town rivals the Mets. The Blue Jays, used to have the Expose, but since they moved to Washington and began rivalry with Baltimore, so their rival was 1993 World Series losers the Philadelphia Phillies. This year though, the Phillies are playing the Yankeees, so the BJs have been given a new rival, losers of the 1992 World Series, the Atlanta Braves. Maybe MLB wanted to relive the rivalry between 1992 World Series managers Cito Gaston and Bobbby Cox.

The Blue Jays have fared quite well on the road this year, and for some reason the Braves have fared poorly at home. Given the fact that The Jays will Start Halladay, Richmond, and Tallet, so we should be able to take two, if not all three against the Braves. Even though Tallet has been churning solid performance after solid performance, he goes up against Jair Jurrjens, who despite being 4-2 has a 1.96 ERA. A week ago I would have said this this game could come down to the offensive capabilities of the Jays, but latly we have been struggling to fire on all cylinders.

Predition: The Jays take two of three.