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Is This the End?
Is This the End?

There have been two things in the last two days that have indicated that Doc is going to be traded. The first is his wife Brandy. Over the last three games she has been in the broadcast booth plugging the Lady Jays Food Drive. When the topic of Halladay being traded she was practically in tears. She was holding them back but they were still there.

Almost as concerning was today after Halladay’s complete game win he looked sad, happy because he won, but sad because he knew that this could very well be his last win with the team. If it was it was a great way to be remembered as a Blue Jay.

While both “indicators” are purly guesses, there is no denying how Doc looked today, sort of like the day of his high school graduation, he was happy for the moment, and knows he is going onto bigger and better things, but sad to leave all everything behind.

Now I have a conspericy theory. If Doc gets traded now and wins a ring, he might come back to Toronto after 2010. He has settled down here, and his wife and kids I assume are quite happy. I’m sure that they would rather raise their kids here then say Baltimore, or many American city’s. In addition, Brandy Halladay and their children could live with Doc for the rest of this summer and next, which means that they wouldn’t spend too much time apart, especially when you consider things like Roy being away for spring training and road games. Wishful thinking at best, but I hope its a reality.