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Putting the ‘X’ into Exciting

While the X in X games stande for eXtreme, it could just as easily stand for exciting. Having the week off, and there not being very much on the tube, I’ve found myself watching the X games, and I couldn’t be more pleasently surprised. All this and the closeest thing I come to to naming an athlete is “that guy who was on Top Gear.

The fun thing about the X games is no matter how plain or simmple the event, its always exciting. I was watching motocross high jump. Basically you get a start onto this really steep ramp, and try to make it over the pole on your dirt bike. This was probably one of the more tame events compared to all the backflips, 360’s and whatnot that go on during the X games but every sport just blew my mind. Today I was watching BMX and motocross freestyles, both very exciting, and very dangerous.

Of all the sportting events to go to, I’d say that going to the X games is right at the top of the list. I mean you get to to to LA in the summer so that alone would be a good trip. In addition to the X games you could also catch a Dodgers or Angels game but thats beside the point. If I were to go on a sports vacation I think it would be to LA to see the summer X Games.