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Some more RST

I have three articles coming. I swear I’m not a one trick pony. But until then…..here is my one trick…….RANDOM……..SPORTS……….THOUGHTS!!!

1)    I have decided not to respond to the article below. It will become a never-ending mass of arguments that once resembled an article. In the end we both have points.

2)    I love Doc, and I want nothing more then to see him win a title in Toronto. But let’s be honest with ourselves….it’s not going to happen. We have to let him go. To keep the good Doctor, we would have to throw the bank at him, and if we learnt one thing from the Delgado era; it’s that you can’t win when one person on your team takes up 25% of your payroll. Let the bidding war begin.
a.    Doc to Philadelphia?

3)    Why is no one signing Shawn Marion? He’s could be a quality #2 or 3 on any team.
a.    Marion to Cleveland?

4)    Remember when I said Lance would not win the Tour De France, and then said “Are you listening ESPN” I was TOTALLY joking.
a.    Lance said he wouldn’t try to win this Tour but he’s currently sitting in second place. He’s like that big brother who says “o yeah I’ll let you win, just this one time.” But then yells “Screw you!” and gives you a Dutch Oven instead.

5)    Props to FAN 590. The self proclaimed “number one hockey station” put their Hockey Central at Noon show on hold for an hour long baseball show.  This is the happiest I’ve felt about the FAN since Chuck Swirsky was on the airwaves. We miss ya Chuck!

6)    Because of Bill Simmons’ podcasts completely about reality TV, I thought I would give MTV’s The Real World a shot. So far it’s like a porno minus all the money shots. Anyway that isn’t what this thought is about. There is some blond dude on the show named CJ who is currently a NFL free agent punter. My question is, does this idiot really think any head coach will rush to their phone to sign a punter who’s doing body shots off 18-year-old girls in Cancun?
a.    Actually now that I say that, he sounds perfect for the 2005 Vikings.

7)    Has Tampa become the MLB’s best team?……..I just scared myself

8)    As I have said many times, I am not a hockey guy. But as I am living in the hockey hotbed of the world, I know a lot that a casual fan such as myself usually wouldn’t. That being said, I really love what Brian Burke is doing at the reigns of the TML. Beauchemin, Exelby, and Komisarek! In Burke we trust.

9)    Do you think Manny could share some fertility drugs with the Cubs’ offence?

10)    Lebron has taken a big step backward in my book. A kid dunked on him at a skills camp he was holding, so and he and Nike destroy the tapes of this dunk?  That’s low. Wouldn’t it have been better to let the tape out and avoid this entire public backlash?

One Two for the Road
1) Here’s a prediction that no one really cares about: Tomasz Adamek will beat Tommy Gunn by a majority decision when they fight this Saturday. PUT IT ON THE BOARD
2) Go and rent a movie called 61* a film about Roger Maris versus Mickey Mantle in their home run battle of 1961.  It also begs the question: was Maris the original A-Rod?

By Scott


Sports Thoughts 2.0!

Since I didn’t post for SOOOO long, I have a second edition to my random sports thoughts.  Oh yeah I can feel the excitement.

As always I will be posting my rebuttals in italics.

1)    The best prediction for the NBA finals comes from PTI’s own Tony Kornheiser. “I’m taking the Lakers in 3.”

I’ll take the Lakers on April 14th please.

2)    While the Lakers-Magic series doesn’t have Kobe Vs. Lebron, it does have the battle of the washed-up college stars: Adam “teen stash” Morrison, Vs. J.J. “I’m  that creepy old guy who still goes to college parties” Redick.

Two quick facts about Adam Morrison for point number 2. Fact the first, he is diabetic. Fact the second he is a smoker.

3)    Randy Johnson won’t be the last 300 game winner of all time. If C.C. doesn’t pull a Bill Clinton and need a quadruple bypass, he’ll get the wins. Take it easy on the BBQ spare ribs C.C.

Actually it was calculated the Roy Halladay has the best chance to make it.

4)    EA Sports is coming out with the fourth installment of their Fight Night boxing franchise.  Walker and I are eagerly awaiting its release so we can have some more legendary basement bouts (I’ll admit he usually beat me). I love boxing as many of you may well know, but it depresses me that the marketers got Larry Fitzgerald and Wyclef Jean to promote their new game. Neither of them have anything to do with boxing…at all…

No but Fitzgerald is on the cover of another, more popular EA Sports game, and Wyclef is probably on the soundtrack. Secondly I fly back from Toronto on the 30th, the day this game is released, and I am thinking about moving my flight back a day to continue to pummel Scott into proper using proper grammar.

5)    Are you sitting down? Are you ready for this? My NBA finals prediction is. …………Orlando in 7!!!!………. Now before you blow a blood vessel and think I’ve gone all pro-Sunshine State, hear me out. Every team I cheer for looses.   Maybe I’ll even buy a Howard Jersey and destroy his career too.

No you are just coming out of the closet of fans of all things Florida related. If you really hated Florida you would constantly idle your car to increase the rate of global warming and the end of the sunshine state.

6)    Detroit will win the Stanley Cup in 6 games. Nothing interesting here, I just need a number six.

He who shall not be named, will tell the refs to give Syd the Kid a chance in game 6, also so the Red Wings can win at home.

7)    For number seven let me take you on a journey. Close your eyes……well read this first THEN close your eyes. Picture the biggest redneck you possibly can. Think of a funny looking, bug eyed, incest-loving, NASCAR fan; sitting there on his porch with his mouth wide open and a blank look on his face. Got it?  Now doesn’t that hillbilly you just pictured look like Tyler Hansbrough? Yeah I thought so.

Thanks for link to Tyler Hansbrough, let alone a picture included in the blog. No he doesn’t at all Hansbrough looks a little slack-jawed, maybe a little local, but abotu 200lbs too light to be a NASCAR fan.

8)    Did you know Stewart Scott has a glass eye! Am I the last person on earth to know this? ….Damn.

Did you know Mike Lowell only has one testicle.?

By: Scott and Lucas

I’M BACK! and 9 Random Sports Thoughts

I’M BACK!! That’s right kids and campers I’m back from my long work/gym/baby induced hiatus (and no not my baby). Because I haven’t written in weeks it is again time for some random thoughts.

Edit: This post was too good for me not to comment on, instead of reposting it I am just going to add my comments in Italics, Lucas.

Side Note: This is kind of like my Twitter… even though I take the Michael Wilbon approach to the newest online social pariah. “Twittering is for birds.” Good on ya Mr. Wilbon. Anyway let’s begin.

You’re right, just like you were right about Facebook, messenger, Skype, I bet if you were around you’d be against the Telephone as well, and hell you’d probably be against going from a horse and buggie to a Model T.

1)    Remember the 2006 Rose Bowl? That was probably the best football game of all time. But of the three big names playing that day (Bush, Leinart, and Young) none of them have amounted to anything in the pros. Although Reggie is dating Kim Kardashian….who is apparently a celebrity….for doing…something…

Yes I remember this game, I would have won $140 on Pro-line had the Texas kicker made one of two field goals, or that extra point he missed.

2)    Having checked some rather reliable sources (available to everyone online so you know they’re good), I’ve seen that the NHL finals ratings are up. But if you do the math, the highest rated NHL playoff game only got 10% of what Jon & Kate Plus 8 got.

Side Note: where the hell did these two people and their busload (literally) of kids come from?  Can anyone remember a celebrity who went from “D” list to tabloid cover story so damn fast?

Side Note 2.0: To get on TLC you need to be some sort of physical freak. Conjoined twins? 1000 lbs? 1 foot tall? Come one on down to TLC!

I’ve been saying this for years, TLC has turned into the Freak channel. All the morbidly obese people, litters of children, real life Benjamin Buttons, people who can’t dress, and the odd wedding. How the hell am I supposed to learn.

3)    I love….LOVE…LOOOOVVVVEEE the Nike MVP (Most Valuable Puppets) ads. But now that the Cleveland Lebrons are out of the playoffs, the commercials will keep going right? I need this in my life. It taps into some weird long lost love of Muppets. Herdy ferdy go du derdy. (That was Swedish Chef for Go Lakers!)

4)    I have to admit something…. I cannot grow anything close to a beard. It’s sad, but I deal with it, and move on……are you listening Sidney Crosby?

I however can.

I saw the MTV Movie Awards the other day and those two random kids in that bloody Twilight movie showed up. Have you ever seen two people more depressed to be famous? Seriously youtube that shit, and get a load of these “I’m so sad to be rich” bastards! (o yeah that’s an angry exclamation point. Don’t screw wit me MTV)

Maybe they should spend sometime in the slums of India doing research for the Sequal to Slumdog Millionare, Wheel of Misfortune.

6)    I hate everything from Florida…..okay NOT orange juice….that shit is delicious and nutritious….but besides OJ I hate everything from the sunshine state. The fact that in my lifetime the Lightening and Buccaneers have won titles, and the Rays, Magic, and Panthers have a title appearance, literally kills me inside. BUT the silver lining of the Orlando Magic being in the NBA finals is we get to keep seeing Ron Jeremy’s twin (aka Stan Van Gundy) for a little longer. I wonder who sweats more in a typical day at work?…….nasty…..

I’m glad you agree that Steve Van Grundy looks a LOT like Ron Jeremey. Here is a debate about the issue at hand. Also I like Orange Juice, but I dislike OJ Simpson, so even saying you like OJ is a close call.

7)    My newest Lebron theory: If he wins a title next year, he will leave Cleveland. If he falls short yet again, he will stay. James doesn’t want to become the face of the Cleveland sports depression.

Not bad, but the money NY is willing to offer him, plus the endorsement oppourtunities, plus the life oppourtunities are too much to turn down. Like Ichiro Suzuki said “I’d rather punch myself in the face than go to Clevland”.

8)    Regular readers will know that not too long ago I gave my theory to fix hockey. So what will be my next undertaking?……. Making Track and Field relevant!  Here is my idea. Do it all naked and sell add space on the athletes naughty bits. Brilliant I know! Seriously Mastercard has built in add space on every female participant…. Think about it….

My theory to fix hockey’s popularity, get rid of their commissioner who shall not be named. Also, MasterCard could advertise on very “courageous” male athletes. My idea, take a page out of NASCAR books and increase the risk for crashes. Instead of 8 100m racers, have 16, going in opposite directions.

9)    If the Nuggets had made it to the NBA finals against the magic, the NBA could have come out with a cereal called Magic Nuggets! They’re magically mediocre!

Sounds delicious. It would also be like that World Series that almost happened a couple of years ago with the Rockies and Red Sox, Ibelive it was almost the Rockies and Indians. Ratings would drop to as low as NHL Play-Offs if it was a Nugs and Magic final. I guess Colordo isn’t into sports.

by: Scott and now Lucas.

Now THAT was a Shot

Lebron James for 3.

We have just witnessed perhaps one of the greatest moments in NBA conference finals history. I may be overreacting because it just happened (LBJ is still being interviewed as a type this), but nonetheless that was absolutely amazing. James in a dead quiet Quicken Loans Arena, with one second on the clock, facing going down 0-2 in the series, down by two, with the weight of a heartbroken city on his shoulders hit the most clutch shot of his career.  Simply amazing.

Finally Cleveland has a good sports moment. Seriously try and think of a positive Cleveland sports memory.  The Indians? ….They only have World Series losses in the past 60 years…the Browns?…two words: The Drive….how about another two…John Elway… Ohio State?…okay maybe.  But they don’t count because all grads emphasize “THE” when talking about their alma mater. Seriously it ruins the first couple minutes of Monday Night Football.

Anyway my point is where is Toronto’s moment? Okay we have “touch em’ all Joe”, but something more… oh I don’t know…this millennium would be great.

Hey Lebron I have a GREAT idea. How about Toronto in 2010?

Regardless tonight we were all witness to greatness.

By a mezmorized Scott

May 14th Sports Thoughts

That’s right kids and campers; it’s another one of those “I have a lot of half written articles so lets combine them together” things.

•    Thank Christ I get both NBA games tonight. I hate TSN 2. What a bloody rip-off.

•    Usually I subscribe to Spike Lee’s ABC theory. Anyone but the Celtics. However they need to beat the Magic for so many reasons:

1: They are called the Magic. Magic!! It’s the dumbest nickname in the big 4 sports.  I think they were originally named by a 12 year old girl whose first choice was the Orlando Fluffy Unicorns. Then ownership went with her second choice
2: I can’t stand anyone on the Magic.   I’m not sure why, but they just aren’t engaging to me.  Howard couldn’t even come up with an original nickname. Superman? Really? I believe Shaq shotgunned that one in 1994.
3: If the C’s keep winning I get to keep watching Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Brian Scalabrine. Did I say Big Baby and Scalabrine? I meant “Big Shot” Davis, and my father.
4: In the pantheon of cities Orlando has to be the grundle (google it) of America. You have to question a city built around a theme park…Why this makes me hate their sports team I have no idea. But it does, so lets move on.
5: The only silver lining of a game 7 is I called it. PUT IT ON THE BOARD….YES!

•    I continue to hate Gary Bettman. Why the hell would you schedule two game 7s to start one hour apart? Have a flexible schedule and allow the diehard fans to watch both games.

•    Hideki Matsui hit an 8th inning go-ahead homer tonight against the Jays. When has Matsui ever hit a clutch homer? He has never been able to live up to the hype he had coming in to North American baseball. I remember reading comparisons between him and the Babe. But instead of becoming a legendary slugger, he has become a legendary porn collector.  Do you think that he lends teammates porn from his apparent vast collection?

•    I know I said the NBA Finals would be the LA Kobes vs. the Cleveland Lebrons. And I stand by it. Particularly since I said I would shave a Mohawk in my head if it wasn’t. But Denver has been making me increasingly nervous. Assuming the Lakeshow get through the McGrady-Yao-Mutombo-less Rockets, they are going to have a tough time with the Nuggets. This isn’t news, but really just look at the matchups. I can hear the buzz of the clippers now.

•    This is sort of a side note but at the same time relevant.  Hasn’t Melo been a disappointment since being drafted from that great Syracuse team?  I wonder how big his porn collection is?

•    As regular readers know, I’m a fan of the 24/7 show on HBO. However I’m also a new fan of Hark Knocks. It’s the same thing only football not boxing. Next year they will be infiltrating the Bengals training camp for an all access look. Now THAT will be a show. We finally get to see Chad Ocho-Cinco in his natural habitat….well unless he decides to hold out requesting a trade….which he will…which means….we’ll just be watching the Bengals…which is…hideous.

By Scott

10 Thoughts From The Past Week

It has been a while since I last posted. I have a bunch of half written articles, but instead of actually finishing them I thought I would combine them into a list of independent and random thoughts from the past week

1. My dearest Brett Favre. I’m a big fan so I say this with the greatest possible respect. DON’T COME BACK!! You’ve become a laughing stock. You’re career is the Police Academy of the NFL; just call it quits already.

2. Manny Being Manny, just hit another gear. A positive drug test, a fifty game suspension, and a tarnished legacy. The one thing that angers me isn’t the broken trust or the end of “Mannywood,” but a poll ESPN had this week. The end result was over 50% of people saying they would still vote Manny into Cooperstown. If Bonds, palmeiro, and McGuire are out of the hall then Manny is too. We have two choices: change the way we see the hall (by making it JUST a museum of the past and not a memorial for great career accomplishments), or keep all those caught with performance enhancing drugs out of the hall.

3. The Jays pitching staff is about to come crashing down to earth. I hate to say it, but its happening.

4. The Celts will win the series with the Magic in 7, and then get destroyed by Cleveland in the next round. Lebron’s mission continues.

5. Man U has won the Premier League. It’s sad and it sucks……… MANC!!

6. Maybe, just maybe A-Rod can help the Yankees get back on track….if he starts pitching…..and has some steroids left over.

7. The Seahawks are the winners of the NFL offseason.

8. Sid the Kid, and Ovie need to get a room and embrace their inner Brandon St. Randy. It’s so obvious they’re madly in love.

9. The Rockets vs Lakers series is a better fight then the Pacquiao Hatton fight a couple weeks ago. It’s like some Neo vs Mr Anderson shit.

10. Ron Artest’s new do is the greatest thing to happen to sports hair since Jared Allens’ mullet.

by scott

Why I Love This April

April has to be the best sports month by far. NBA playoffs, EPL and Champions League getting down to the nitty-gritty  (Still testing the waters), NFL draft, Opening Day/ first month of baseball, a champion being crowned in the NCAA, and even the NHL playoffs. So as the greatest month on the sports calendar comes to a close, lets go over some of the best from this past month.

2 Side Notes: First these are in no particular order. Second I don’t know why all three of my current posts have been lists type articles. This wasn’t planned. But I just wanted to let you know that I can write paragraphs that make an overall cohesive article….I just chose not to.

Rajon Rondo, versus Derrick Rose in the first round of the NBA playoffs
The best two young point guards in the league. These two could develop into the second best player rivalry in the entire association. Behind only TNT versus ABC of course…Why, who did you think I was talking about?

Watching Stan Van Gundy Coaching
EVERYONE says he panics. It started with Shaq and we all took it with a grain of salt, but now even players on his current roster are coming out saying SVG is a panicky coach.  But that is not why you should watch the Magic this offseason. You should watch because Stan Van is an exact replica of Ron Jeremy. Well I don’t know about EXACT replica.  (That sound you hear is people google-ing Stan Van Gundy’s Penis)

New York Rangers coach John Tortorella, trying to attack a Washington fan with a stick.
I know, I know, neither Walker nor myself are big hockey guys, but come on!  In what other sport could you find a coach trying to attack a fan? Okay MAYBE Mike Singletary.  “I’m gonna pinch him in the mouff!”

Debating whether Blake Griffin is a black guy or white
Yes I know what you’re thinking. His team was eliminated in MARCH not April. But he was involved in the tournament that ended in April so shut up. Anyway this is imperative. The last white guy to be taken number 1 in the NBA draft was Andrea Bargnani.  Which isn’t exactly working out the way my Raptors wanted. This question can also be asked of Mike Bibby.

Cheering against Manchester United
They are the evil empire of the soccer world. At one point this season they were talking about winning 5 trophies this year. FIVE for fuck sake!! Of course this can’t happen anymore as they’re out of the FA cup, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t cheer against these card-carrying members of MANC.

(MANC is an inside joke I made with my buddies. It is a German gay bar where only Man U players and fans are allowed in. Also for some reason they play 99 Red Balloons all night long…all…night….long…)

Opening Day
There is something magic about the return of baseball. Even at the Roj-ma-hall (AKA Rogers Center), this magical feeling cannot be denied. Then you’re charged $9 for a beer and the magic is killed.

Side Note: ICE….COLD….BEER. We miss you Wayne!

Cheering against the Yankees and Red Sox
This really speaks for itself. But this year it’s gotten easier since the Sox have become everything they once hated, and the Yankee new stadium is now Coors Field North.

The Masters
Only Tiger could not win the Masters, shoot worse then Phil, and still have the word praise him more then any other athlete in sports today.

The Blue Jays are Currently Leading the AL East!
Now this won’t continue all year. I now this. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it while it lasts. EAT OUR SHIT REST OF THE AL EAST!! Of course we’re the Blue Jays…so it would be strange white coloured shit…does anyone know why that is?….moving on.

Coach KG
Kevin Garnett is out for the playoffs, which you know has to be killing a competitor such as him. But I love when the Camera shows KG on the bench hyperventilating, yelling, but mostly swearing like Scarface after a line of Colombian…. Kids take notes. You’ll learn some new dirty words if you can read his lips

Watching Glen “Big Baby” Davis try and replace KG
He may not be the “Big Ticket,” but he has dubbed himself the “Ticket Stub”….He’s a fat funny looking guy…. so that’s funny right? Then again, I look like Brian Scalabrine minus the facial hair and sweatband….so maybe I shouldn’t talk.

Watching Kobe versus Lebron on their quest to get to the NBA Finals
I’m writing this at 4:10 on April 26, 2009, (the Bulls Celts game is just about to go into double overtime) but this is going to happen, this IS going to happen. Both teams are too deep, and both these superstars are too determined to fall short of the finals. If this doesn’t happen, I’ll shave a Mohawk in my hair before the summer is done. PUT IT ON THE BOARD!

The NASCAR season is in full swing
I’m screwing with you. If you like NASCAR, you’re probably reading this in the public library since you’re doublewide doesn’t get Internet.

Pacquiao Hatton 24/7
From one obscure sport I hate, to one I love.  I love boxing even though it’s a dying sport with no real big name star anymore. Nonetheless, the next big fight is the pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao versus Ricky “hitman” Hatton. This fight will actually take place in May, BUT the Pacquiao Hatton 24/7 TV show is currently on HBO or the Score in Canada. If you haven’t seen any of the 24/7 series, youtube them right now. You won’t be disappointed.

NFL draft
Yesterday was round 1&2 today is 3-7…and I’m still flicking channels to watch round 6, when the NBA goes to commercial. I’m actually interested to see who Mr. Irrelevant (AKA last pick in the draft) is…..God I need a summer job.

NBA commercials
I love those “Amazing Happens Here” commercials. But even better I love the “Patrick Chewing” Snickers commercial. I have to joke that could possibly outdo this commercial. Just watch it.  I have it on permanent repeat on my computer.

There are more that I’m missing, but for the time being this is a pretty good list of reasons I love this April. If you’re a sports fan make sure to enjoy this time before the dog-days of summer.

By Scott