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Monday Ramblings

I have realized that it has been a while since I have posted, a very long while since I have posted anything on the Jays, for that I sincerely apologize, however they have been so mediocre lately, and that’s being generous so I have decided to move my focus elsewhere. It feels like cheating talking about other MLB teams, although congratulations are in order to Mark Bruehrle for tossing a perfect game the other day. Bonus points for making it against the Rays. Also congratulations are in order for Ricky Henderson and Jim Rice for getting into the Cooperstown.

I’m a couple of days late on this but that catch made by Dewayne Wise, a late inning defensive replacement, made an over the fence, home run robbing catch that almost wasn’t. Here is a video of it on YouTube shot by a fan and in surprisingly high quality, its great to hear the crowd’s reaction from great disappointment, to being back on top of the world again. This is the broadcast version.

One of the things that I like about Hall of Fame week, is all the positive light that is shed on the players. Sure part of the reason that they get into the Hall is because of their character, but there are also a lot of stories published that otherwise wouldn’t normally make it to the light of day. I read two examples of such stories that can be found on ESPN, one about Henderson being a much better team mate than anyone would have realized things like, asking to be taken out late in games so young players could get at bats and such. Another was about how Jim Rice saved the life of a young boy. Its nice to hear these stories, and its really too bad that they aren’t published more often.

I really like that Doc is getting attention, I also like that they aren’t going to trade him away for nothing, however, my opinion of the situation, will he be traded, won’t he changes about every five minutes. As it stands right now, I don’t think that he will. However there are still a few days for teams to collapse under the pressure and sign him. If he has to get traded, I’d love to see him go to my favourite N.L. team, the Dodgers if he does get traded, however my real preference would be to see him stay in Toronto.

Finally Michael Vick has been suspended four games by the NFL, and Terrel Owens isn’t very pleased about this. On one hand I think that T.O. is right, hes already been to jail, lost all his money, and been suspended indefinitely, so what are four more games really going to do. However, I still think that he should have to pay his time to the NFL. I think that more than anything this four game suspension acts as a deterrent from teams who would be interested in signing him, as they wouldn’t have him for the full season. To be honest, I would be surprised if he does play again this year, but I would not be surprised at all to see him in the UFL, or even in the CFL. To be honest, I think that the CFL style of football suits Vick’s style of play very well. But away from the game for so long, he is bound to have slowed down a little bit, and his arm sure won’t be as accurate as it as.

Until next time, keep on rockin and Rolen in the free world.


Thoughts on Doc

Is This the End?
Is This the End?

There have been two things in the last two days that have indicated that Doc is going to be traded. The first is his wife Brandy. Over the last three games she has been in the broadcast booth plugging the Lady Jays Food Drive. When the topic of Halladay being traded she was practically in tears. She was holding them back but they were still there.

Almost as concerning was today after Halladay’s complete game win he looked sad, happy because he won, but sad because he knew that this could very well be his last win with the team. If it was it was a great way to be remembered as a Blue Jay.

While both “indicators” are purly guesses, there is no denying how Doc looked today, sort of like the day of his high school graduation, he was happy for the moment, and knows he is going onto bigger and better things, but sad to leave all everything behind.

Now I have a conspericy theory. If Doc gets traded now and wins a ring, he might come back to Toronto after 2010. He has settled down here, and his wife and kids I assume are quite happy. I’m sure that they would rather raise their kids here then say Baltimore, or many American city’s. In addition, Brandy Halladay and their children could live with Doc for the rest of this summer and next, which means that they wouldn’t spend too much time apart, especially when you consider things like Roy being away for spring training and road games. Wishful thinking at best, but I hope its a reality.

I had a Dream

But it was really more of a nightmare.

Roy Halladay and Vernon Wells were traded to the Houst0n Astros for cash, prospects and first basemen Lance Berkman.

That is all, I have absoloutly nothing to base it on, I just felt I needed to share that with the world.

Blue Jays First Semester Report Card

Toronto Blue Jays First Semester Report Card. A quick note, I have written this over a couple of days so some stats might be slightly stale.

With approximately one third of the school year, regular season behind us, its safe to say we are at that point where we can judge how a player, coach, or team has preformed, but there is still enough time to correct it. With that said here is a look at how each player has fared thus far throughout the 2009 season. Starting with the position players.

Marco Scutaro – SS

Scutaro has turned into the leadoff hitter that the Jays have lacked since Reed Johnson left us. He is batter .305, but more importantly for a leadoff hitter, his OBP is .408, drawing a total of 37 walks, good enough to lead the team, and be only second in the AL (Carlos Pena is first with 38, Jason Bay is tied with 37). Scutaro has also been nothing to scoff at in the power department with five home runs, and 15 doubles.

First Semester Grade: A-
but like his batting average it is on its way down.

Since you posted so recently Scott, I’ll split my post here, Click to keep reading.

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Thrid Time’s the Charm

Well that was just terrible. I’m going to skip a review entirely to focus on this upcoming series against the Baltimore Orioles. If we want to keep any play off chances alive, we have win this series, if not sweep it. The A.L. East is just too competitive to take your time rebounding from a six game skid.

The Jays send Tallet (4.47), Romero (1.71) and Halladay (2.52) against Guthrite (5.37), TBA, and Hill (3.18). Two weeks ago, I would have thought that this would have been an automatic sweep for the Jays, but seeing as we scored 10 runs in 6 games, (1.67 rpg) we are going to need our pitching to keep giving us the quality they’re provided so far. I’m more worried about the chance for redemption when the Red Sox visit the Dome on Thursday, and we are without Halladay. Mike Wilner purposed an idea to bring up Casey Jansen to start this game for Halladay, and bump Halladay back one to start in Boston, however after bringing Jansen up for the Braves, it looks like this won’t happen.

I don’t think that it will be our defense that is an issue these next three days in Baltimore, as the Jays have only given up 204 runs thus far (we have scored 244, only Tampa as scored more with 263. The Yankees have scored 243, and Boston has scored 240). Baltimore has given up 263, but more importantly for the Jays they have given up 212. If there was ever a time for the bats to find their swing again, it would be now against the O’s.

With that said however, a slump is a slump, but Wells is due for a HR, and some RBIs, and Rios has been lukewarm of late. If we can get that sweet swing back from Scutaro, Hill, and Lind, with some help from Overbay and Rolen, we should have no trouble taking the series from Baltimore. Baltimore just won two of three close games against the Nationals, but lost 8-5 in the finale. I think that his is the kind of team the Jays need to beat up on to get their swagger back in time for the red sox.

Jays Guesses

Sorry for a lack of updated, I’ve been busy with work latly, But I would not have expected the Jay’s to drop this one to Oakland tonight. Other than that second inning by Richmond, he pitched a great game, less than 100 pitches over eight innings, can’t ask for much more…except maybe three more runs.

I didn’t get this posted as early as I would have liked but today Tallet takes the mound, and hopefully the bats will take the plate as well. I’m afraid that the bats are going to cool at the same time that the pitching does. The Jays have a history of winning two of three, but then losing eight or more in a row.

This west coast trip is looking like .500 will be a success, which with no off days it is. What I’m really interested in seeing is the matchup between Doc and A.J. on Tuesday.

May Predictions

Let the record state that the Toronto Blue Jays will go 16-13 in the month of May. Not quite the rocky launch start of April, but good enough for an overall record of 31-22. I mean that They Jays will finish May 44-9.

Looking at the first three series the Jays start with Baltimore Orioles, including a start from the Good Doctor, which they have already won, and the increasingly reliable Scott Richmond (3.0, 2.70). The biggest question comes from rookie Robert Ray. Ray started in Class A Dunedin, then made two starts in Triple A Las Vegas. While he was 0-1 with a 2.25 ERA. Like all our call up pitchers stats, and (hopefully) Celine Dion’s career, what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas. Just because he did alright there, doesn’t mean he will do well in big leagues. The O’s start Brad Bergsen who has a 5.59 ERA. Hopefully even if Ray’s start isn’t ideal the Jays Bat’s will light up Bergson, and since Doc went 8.0 today, our bullpen is nice and rested. If Ray has a decent outing, the Jays should be able to sweep their first series of the season.
Prediction 3-0

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