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A Special Gift From The Sunshine State

I have work early tomorrow, yet i am unable to sleep. I am just too excited about last week’s news out of Tampa Bay.

Regular readers will know I feel a certain sense of abhorrence towards Florida and in particular Tampa. In fact I would reserve a special spot in hell for all things Floridian, and sports is no different. The Magic, the Rays, the U, the Heat, the Jags, the Lightening, the Marlins, et al. I hope that all these teams undergo embarrassing losses, humiliating plays, and seasons their fans would like to forget.

However in a rare, RARE occurrence, I am going to have to give a big TO Sports Blog thank you, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who agreed this week to wear their previously retired, amazingly discussing orange uniforms for one regular season game this year. These uniforms look like Richard Simmons tried to design a Raiders third jersey, only it got thrown out by Al Davis, and sent to the Armpit of the world known as Tampa.

For those of you who may not know, the Bucs were known as the “Yucs” and even had a winless season while wearing these creamsicle abominations.

So Tampa Bay Bucs, for bringing back bad vibes and reliving a horrible past, I thank you.

By Scott

PS the game they’re wearing these throwbacks just happens to fall on my birthday. Thanks Tampa!

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